The ’60s: Joel Zolondek (’68)

Why did you choose Baruch? I originally planned to study at the University of Pennsylvania, but when my father died, our family’s financial resources became limited. Fortunately, the Baruch School had a legendary public accounting program and was just a subway ride from our home in Brooklyn. What’s your fondest Baruch memory? My fondest memories … Continue reading The ’60s: Joel Zolondek (’68)

Baruch Careers By the Numbers

Employers have characterized Baruch students as ‘willing to chew through walls,’” says Associate Dean of Students Patricia Imbimbo, PhD, director of the Starr Career Development Center (SCDC) from 1995 through 2016. But Dr. Imbimbo is the first person to tell you that such anecdotes—although heartening—don’t provide quantifiable evidence that Baruch is succeeding in its mission … Continue reading Baruch Careers By the Numbers

The Great Engine of Social Mobility

For Alex Kosoglyadov (’09), working on Wall Street was in his family genes—just not the way you might expect. Over a period of several months in the 1990s, his father, uncle, and grandfather simultaneously worked as confectionary vendors on Wall Street. “They each worked on three different corners,” Mr. Kosoglyadov recalls. “Sometimes I jokingly wondered … Continue reading The Great Engine of Social Mobility

Night Moves: Tales of Baruch’s Evening Session

Kaye Foster (’89) can’t help but smile as she thinks back on her time at Baruch College. “Long days,” she laughs, “and longer nights.” Ms. Foster’s experience was not unique. Like thousands of Baruch alumni, she attended the College’s Evening Session—a distinct, longstanding program that allowed students to work full time during the day while … Continue reading Night Moves: Tales of Baruch’s Evening Session