Baruch came back from Paris a changed man. The end of World War I had created a backlash in the United States and the country slid back toward isolation.

I came out of the war, as I have said, with some definite ideas. Inevitably the strong views I entertained, about the League of Nations, about the agricultural situation, and about other public questions which agitated America, led me to take an active part in politics – the forum in which great issues are debated and resolved (The Public Years, 171).

Baruch remained a constant advocate of preparedness leading up to World War II. When the war inevitably came, he did not accept an official position in the Roosevelt government but would go wherever he was needed and troubleshoot the situation.

Baruch talking with a soldier in uniform on a park bench
Baruch speaking with a soldier in liberated Europe
[ca. 1945-1946]