What is Vocat?

Vocat provides a space for students and faculty to share and discuss videos, pictures, and audio related to course material. Baruch faculty and students can upload various types of media including videos, pictures, and audio, to Vocat for use in their courses.

vocat 1

 How is Vocat interactive?

Vocat is a media annotation tool. This means that once media is uploaded to Vocat, the user can add text and drawing annotations. Faculty can upload media for students to annotate or students can upload their own media for faculty and peer feedback.

vocat 1.1

As you see in the above example, if a student wants to make a comment about what happened at minute 2:37 in the video, the comment will be inserted at minute 2:37. When that comment is clicked the media player will jump to that section of the video. Similarly, comments with drawings (below) also appear at the time that they were made.

Vocat 2.1

Professors can create rubrics to easily grade student work and/or have students use the rubrics for peer assessment.

vocat rubric

How is Baruch Faculty using Vocat?

  • Moving student presentations online and providing feedback
  • Discussing videos related to course material
  • Comparing and critiquing various works for art
  • Creating a 1 minute elevator pitch for students to share their final project ideas and plans
The list above represents only a fraction the possibilities available using Vocat. For more information about how Vocat works, watch the video below. The CTL staff is also happy to work with faculty to figure out ways to use Vocat in their courses.

What can I upload to Vocat?

You and your students may create your original content. Or, you can upload materials created by others. This website hosts our growing curated collection of videos that might be useful in various courses. Visit How To Use This Site for more guidance on navigating the curated videos.

Who supports Vocat?

Vocat is supported by Baruch’s Center for Teaching Learning. If you would like more information please contact CTL Director, Allison Lehr-Samuels (Allison.Lehr-Samuels@baruch.cuny.edu).