Who am I?

My name is Brian Ganley and I am from Brooklyn N.Y.  In general, I would say my family and my connection to sports have truly shaped who I am.  My immediate family consists of 9 people and my twin and I are the youngest.  Some of my older sisters are married and have children, therefore I am an uncle to a niece and a nephew.  Having such a large family means that I am always busy and always doing something with somebody, which at times gets complicated.   As for my connection to sports, this has truly shaped the competitiveness of my personality.  Ever since I was little I’ve played football, baseball and basketball where I have competed in various championships as well as traveled to various states.  I always want to win no matter if it’s a championship game or a family board game.

My expectations as a college student are pretty basic.  I expect to be working hard, studying long hours and passing all my classes.  I hope I will be able to maintain my scholarship, enjoy college a little bit more and if the workload slows down, join one of the major sports teams.   Playing basketball and/or coaching it in high school has given me a college interest, but as a Baruch scholar my schoolwork comes first.  Also, since I started college I’ve had a few concerns.  These consist of grades and jobs.  As a scholar we must maintain a certain GPA, however some classes seem to be very challenging.  Furthermore, I have lessened my work schedule, so I hope I will be able to balance both work and school more efficiently now.  Time management will be the key to my success.  This is a little bit about me as well as a little insight into my future.

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2 Responses to Who am I?

  1. I never expected you to have a twin! Bring him into FRO seminar for show and tell one day!

    I really liked your speech in communications class, and I see now where your interest in sports has taken root. Maybe I could hit the gym with you sometime to get some athletic tips!

  2. Brian,

    I had no idea that you had a twin and such a large family! You are truely blessed. I am glad that you were so honest about your competitiveness; I think that it’s a good quality if used correctly.

    I completely understand your concerns about the workload and managing it with school. Cutting your hours was a very good first step. See how your mid-terms go. If you feel you need more time, cut more hours; if not, then keep doing what you’re doing. I hope you have time for a sports team, but I am glad that you have your priorities in order.


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