Reading 4: Sound


Composer: Joe Jones

Sound: Crat Crat

As I searched through this large database of recordings, I discovered that there were several types that caused me to skip immediately. Narrations and other vocal recordings that triggered feelings of sadness and fear didn’t get beyond ten seconds of my time. After doing the best job possible at silencing outside noise within the room, by closing the bedroom door, turning off the television and closing the window it was possible to tune in.

Am I listening to sounds or noise? Actually, there appears to be a combination of manufactured noises that produced awkwardly pleasing sounds that were not natural. It was a chattering of noises that seemed familiar that got my attention. In this recording that I settled on it was noises reminiscent of my childhood like, ripping paper, sticks scratching across the pavement and the final mists of a spray can that drew my ear. As I listened I searched within the organized noises that together create sounds trying to understand what combination of things happening were responsible for each sound, and it was impossible. It is only human nature to believe that there is something of a message or melody encrypted in sounds, especially when a combination of noises and sounds recall memorable events.

After listening to the wild arrangement of sounds, I then went back to read the information about Joe Jones the composer of Crat Crat, the piece that I listened to. He was a symphony composer who created and modified his own instruments in order to attempt to make unique sounds and that was clearly the result.