Reading 3: Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction

In the Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, he criticizes modern art by saying the character of a work of art is decreased by mechanical reproduction (the title of the essay). After reading this piece, I gathered Benjamin’s thoughts regarding the technique is similar to how architects feel about buildings made in modern times. Some of the most famous structures were built before World War II and are some of the most breathtaking structures constructed around. The human resources like the tools and equipment were close to none but yet, the structures still stand today.

On a smaller scale of things, the replica of a work of art leads to the loss of originality. I compare this to reading a series of books, and when a movie is created, everyone is disappointed with the outcome due to the number of details left out to form a two-hour film. The uniqueness of a piece of art is similar. The ingenious way of producing an item from scratch like a canvas, a frame or even authentic colors are now replaced by machines that could do these things for you. I think the point Benjamin is making is that not only is art no longer original but the process is also no longer creative. I’m old school and I agree with this theory.

Vince (Sone) Vaughn

Reading 2: Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage

Marshall McLuhan describes medium as “any extension of ourselves”. When we think of Media (plural of medium), we think of radio, a book, etc.. as a method used to communicate.  As humans, we tend to alter our senses (daily) whether we’re aware of it o … [Continue reading]


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Reading 1: Lev Manovich, Five Principles of New Media

I found all of Lev Manovich’s “Five Principles of New Media” to be interesting but the one principle that stood out the most to me was modularity as it allows interactivity. The modularity principle consists of different media that may function toget … [Continue reading]