Sri Lankan War

The Sri Lankan Civil War was a decades-long conflict that was between the government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a separatist militant organization. This war began in 1983 and lasted until 2009 when the Sri Lankan military defeated the LTTE, marking the end of the conflict.

Start Of The People

To start of Tamil people was living in Sri lanka long before the Sinhalese people came.When you look back in the ancient times.Tamil settlers came here started lifes.Starting their own life such as literture.When you look at the history of the Sinhalese they came in 6th century BCE.If you trace back history you can see how Prince Vijaya was kicked out India but now we know it as Bangladesh.The prince was the son of King Sinhabahu and Queen Sinhasivali and they kingdom was called Sinhapura.When you look at the reason behind why he got kicked out.People say there is mutiple reasons.But the real and true reason were of his unruly behavior and misconduct.Due to that the parents got hism and his followers and separate the men and women put them on a boat.The mens boat landed on Sri Lanka.The womens boat landed on modern day Singpore.This was the start of the Sinhalese lineage.

Reason Behind Of It All

So now you know how the Sinhalese people got into Sri Lanka.Now we are going to talk about how this whole mess started.So during the Britain rule from 1776-1948,then Sri Lanka gain their independence 1948.Then Britain just left causing a major problem because they left two groups of people the Tamils and Sinhalese.The Tamils who were there from the beginning “most” of the reasources.This ranged from education to wealth.From that Britain ask them if they want to be divided or in the same group.Which mean if they were divided they will all have different reasoruces.But the Tamils wanted to be in the same group.So which means the Sinhalese and Tamils will share everything and be in the same school.same office place.So if you think about it means they will both have equal opportunities.But that was not enough.So they started attacking the Tamil people and killing them.


Creation Of LTTE

This group was created in 1976 by Velupillai Prabhakaran.He is a freedom fighter and a representation for Tamil people.They are many reason why they created the LTTE.For example ethnic discrimination,political marginalization.The Sinhala created hatered and created riots starting from 1950s-1980s way before the war killing Tamil people.The Sinhala had many human rights abuse case which they extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture, and arbitrary detention, disproportionately affecting Tamils.And also displacing them from their homes.Many killing young teens.Back in 1956 the Sinhala created the Sinhala Only Act which made Sinhala the offical language and discrimatied Tamil people.You can see the picture above we were the orignial indigenous people.More killing happened especially during the end of the war

Sinhala Attacks

Black July 24-July 29 1983

This was a riot was literally a day after the war this was anti-tamil riot killing them and destroying their homes.But this also happened years before the war at 1956 killing them.

Indian Intervention 1987-1990

The indians came and made it worse by bring their miltary and making peace with the Tamils.They caused issues by killing them.Which caused the LTTE to take action and kill the prime minister Rajvi Gandhi

Jaffna University Massacre (1987):

It happened during October and the Indian Peace Makers killed college students and the civilians around the area.It was estimated 70-80 people.We can see that the Indian Peace Makers were in the side of the Sinhala.And see that this is not even peaceful especially attacking innocent people and killing college students.

Jaffna Hospital Massacre

This event was taken during May 2000 when Sri Lankan Government had the Air Force to bomb hospital.We can see how messed up that is killing people who are literally patients or coming in for a illness.Then later getting blown up.They was no estimate on how many people died.

Mullivaikkal Massacre (2009)

This was during the end of the war.This was during the time when the Sri Lankan goverment did a horrible massarce killing 1000s of people for days.There was estimated that tens of thousands of people died.They many human right cases against the government.They did not care if it was a child or not they killed them.This was the biggest event that messed up the Tamil people.Each day the Tamil were afraid they are going to be killed.Each days at least 1000 people died.

Personal Story

I knew my grandmothers brother who got crushed by a tank.There is also a temple I go to and the preacher daughter step on a land mine and she got her legs blown off.There is still land mines in area.But none of them are located.So people still have to be careful walking the area.But its mostly in the open area like for farming


No Fire Zone on Vimeo › …

This video talks about how the Sinhala government fired guns in a area where both group comprised that they wont fire or attack that area.But the sinhala broke that comprised and shoot people in that area

This video how the government committed human rights against the Tamils.What they did and how they did it.It shows some graphic pictures of it.

Uncle’s Story

During the war when he was in his 20s.He left Sri Lanka due to the war.He went to many countries but mostly the European countries.He did construction work for about 10 years.Then finally went to Canada and stayed there and got married.

“It was so dangerous especially leaving country by country but happy to finally settle down”

This earring was given as gift
from uncle to my mother before
she left to Sri Lanka

This ring was given to my dad by
his mother before he left to Sri Lanka
and came to Sri Lanka