Regulatory Signs(the background colors are red, white and black )

Remind road users of specific rules that apply in each traffic situation where they are posted.

STOP Sign (red octagon)  – requires a mandatory stop at the white line. Check that you may proceed safely after yielding to all road users that do not have to stop.

YIELD Sign (a red and white triangle pointing downward) – requires that you slow and give the right of way to the other traffic.

WRONG WAY Sign – prohibits you from entering the roadway. traffic is moving in an oncoming direction on this roadway.

DO NOT Enter Sign , Do not rass, RAILROAD crossbuck, SPEED limit sign, one way street, Line use control sigs, other regulatory signs.

Warning Signs 
(the background color is yellow and fluorescent yellowgreen)

The yellow diamond shape indicates the danger is up ahead.

Draw the attention to imminent danger or upcoming regulatory signs.  School signs, Advance regulatory  and turn or curve sign, crossing signs other .

Guide Signs
( the background colors are: blue + red, white + black, green, blue, brown)

Provide information : road markers, directions, destinations, services, point of interest or recreation , etc.

Construction/ Work site sings

( the background color is orange)

Draw the attention of road users to road repairs, detours, special road crossing for sports events, etc.

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