Group 2

CIS – 4400

Group Members:

Kareem Wright
Steven Amadou
Iuliia Drobotya
Lamia Aesha

Much can be said about high crime levels in lower income areas.  We aim to explore this to see if there is in fact a categorical or general connection between the income of an area and it’s crime levels.

Our group will work with two  data  sets:

  1. NYPD complaint records for 2018
  2. IRS reported income by zipcode for 2016 tax return


Crime level – identify which of the boroughs has the highest crime level. We will verify the  number of crimes in each borough  by month throughout the year. Our group  will focus on serious crimes such as DANGEROUS WEAPONS, DANGEROUS DRUGS, CRIMINAL MISCHIEF & RELATED OFFENSES, ASSAULT 3 & RELATED OFFENSES, ROBBERY, RAPE, GRAND LARCENY.

Safety in public – number of felonies happened on the STREET, RESIDENCE, GROCERY/BODEGA, RESTAURANT/DINER, PARK/PLAYGROUND, PUBLIC SCHOOL during day or night time.