Final Dimensional Model

Identify Business Process

  • What is the correlation between incidents recorded by NYC311 and crimes recorded by the NYPD?
  • Are there more crimes committed in areas where more civilians report incidents to 311?
  • Where are crimes most predominant in NYC? Which boroughs?
  • What are the demographics of the neighborhoods where crime is most predominant?
  • Do these affect the number of crimes committed in these neighborhoods?

Identify Grain (level of detail)

Our data set(s) contain hourly and daily (opened and closed dates) of incidents, as well as the location and time of these occurrences.


  • Crime Rate per Year (# of crimes committed in a year / 1000 people)
  • Incident Rate per Year (# of incidents committed in a year / 1000 people)
  • Optional: Resolution Rate (# of complaints / complaint time frame)

Identify Dimensions & Facts

Dm Final