Project Milestone 2

Data Sources

Property Valuation and Assessment Data –

Tax rates by class –

Graduation Rates –

Attendance Results –


  • Average Graduation Rate (by borough)
  • Average Dropped Out Percentage (by borough)
  • Average Attendance Percentage (by borough)
  • Average Tax Rate (by borough)

Draft of Dimensional Model

Dimensional Model (draft)


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Project Milestone 1

Meet our Group 7 Project Team Members

Bochkova, Ksenia –

Jaiprashad, Ashley –

Papadakos, Petros –

Read our Project Proposal

Understanding the disconnect between property taxes and education quality.

Facing decreasing tax revenues from commercial activities, NYC may seek to revisit existing sources to make up for this shortfall. One of these sources is residential property taxes. Historically, the approach has been to use the sale price of comparable homes in the vicinity as a baseline for valuation. However, as we know, the value that buyers (and sellers) place on a residential property has a lot to do with amenities. Of interest to the property owner in their own valuation of a residential property may be the quality of education in the area. We will analyze the disconnect between quality of education and tax rate across NYC.


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