Milestone #1- Project Ideas

Brief Description: For our project, we are looking at restaurant compliances throughout New York over the past 2 year along with 311 violations in the area.

Information / Data needed:

  • Restaurant information
  • 311 service request records


  1. Restaurant: RestaurantID,name,type,address,phone number
  2. Compliance: ComplianceID,type, description,borough
  3. Boroughs of NYC: BoroughsID,name
  4. Address: AddressID,borough, zip code, street, longitude,latitude
  5. Date: DateID, day, month, year
  6. Location: LocationID, type, landmark



  • Restaurant Addresses, names and locations
  • Restaurant violations such as time, date, type of violations


Questions we can ask:


  • What are some of NYC biggest Restaurant violation hotspots?
  • Has COVID increased these location? (Compare then and now)
  • Which Restaurants location changed ownership the most ?( change of Restaurant name)
  • Does the number of compliance in the same area influence the number of restaurants?
  • Are numbers different  in  different boroughs?
  •   Which borough has the most compliance during the past 2 years?
  • Which borough has the most compliance about restaurants in the previous 2 years?
  • What type of compliance is reported the most in NYC?



Published by Angela Guzman