About Me

If we have ever spoken in person, the first thing I would talk about would be my dog – Mr.Trex Gobbles – also lovingly known as Rexiee! Lesson learnt – when you search for unconditional love, you get handed furry monsters!

Long time ago I found a little baby shark…..
That turned into a terrorising T-Rex!!

This little (must I say 80 pound giant) terror has taught me so many things in life. From time management to creatively work your ripped shirts and jeans into style. Walking up early at 5 has never been easier when you hear sad whines at dawn. For someone who loves to sleep 12 hrs a day, my mornings have never been more fun and lively. In my posts, I will be talking about the little lessons I learnt just being a single dog owner and humorous stories of our adventures together.

I am someone who has never stayed in one place for too long. I have moved states and countries from the day I first came into this world. For this reason, I am very understanding of cultures and people in general. I enjoy meeting interesting open-minded individuals. On the flip-side, having always moved makes me crave adventures.

I love to swim, meditate, do yoga and create amateur paintings in my free time. I am always interested in hearing different points of view and enjoy learning new information in general.