Of The Inconsistency of Our Actions

Group Members: Yingping Lin, Yufei Dong, Tsewang Lhamo, Cameron Hart

Question: Why do people behave the way they do? Why is there such an inconsistency in our actions?

Evidence exploring De Montaigne’s theory:

Bill Cosby, how his public persona was that of a very charitable and anthropological man, however his private life he was assaulting women for decades.

ASPCA: An organization that is meant to protect animals, find domestic pets homes, but also play the role of executioner when the animals are not placed into a home within a particular time frame.

Caitlin Jenner: Once Bruce Jenner, a man that was the quintessential man, in terms of athletic and physical ability. Not only that but the father to many children, decided one day to share with the world that he has always thought of himself as a woman in a man’s body. This is an incredibly inconsistency in his actions.

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Creative Inquiry Day

Today, Baruch College had an amazing event called Creative Inquiry Day located in the Gym from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. Many creative Baruch students made various projects including natural sciences, social science, arts and humanities, pubic affairs, business and maker hub. It was very interesting because it was something new and I learned a lot. It was amazing to see Baruch students had done these amazing projects.

Here is  a picture of how it was set up:

I signed up for Maker Hub to receive more information about it. It’s a Felid Center creativity for technology, design, and entrepreneurship. It’s mostly hands on learning using robots, 3D printers, as well as low tech creative materials like Legos and Play Doh. The project was a mini vending machine, called Walking on Plastic by MD Abir Choudhury.

In the business group, there were presenters for Avon.  Semona Skvirsky and Agelica Rosero had done an amazing job explaining how Avon, the company for women, became successful as it is now. Women business owners! For those who don’t know, Avon was just a fragrance company, and the creator wanted women to sell the product to other women. My aunt used to sell Avon products herself! Avon then started making products such as makeup and clothing. Avon is now the largest direct-selling organization.

More Information about Avon:

One of my favorite one was The Mini Museum of Infinite Possibilities by Rebecca Vicente which was an interactive project. She had a mini book that had many artists that inputted in her small book since the beginning of 2017. Around 18 people have inputted their art into her mini book and it was interesting to see. She also asked me to put something on her poster!

More information about The Mini Museum of Infinite Possibilities:


Here is what I added ( I just drew the logo of The Mini Museum of Infinite Possibilities but more of a floral look)

It was a great experience, and I also advise other to come to Creative Inquiry Day next year as well. Also, had delicious cookies!

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Things that give us pleasure.

  • when he/she feels like they deserve better but move on to someone worse, and you found someone better.
  • when you order something online and it looks like the picture shown.
  • when you have an intimate relationship with someone you thought you never could get.
  • when you put your phone/music on shuffle and your favorite song pops up.

Group Members: Antonio, Monica, Kayli, Cameron Hart, Yufei Dong, Mukta Akter.

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Of Cannibals

Group Members:

Elizabeth Serdsev, Monica Lin, Malcolm Williams, Antonio X. Otero, Idia Iwelu

  1. Are the indigenous people of Brazil more or less barbaric than Montaigne’s European contemporaries?
  2. What is the more natural way for mankind to live?

Examples: Russian serfs, African Nubians, Mexican Mayan decedents, continued existence of tribal communities such as the Matis population that are protected by Brazilian law, in order to preserve the natural state.

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Of Coaches

Of Coaches 

Research Questions: 

  1. Why do we except lavish displays from those who lead, when hoarded wealth would be better invested in infrastructure? 
  2. Why do rulers display their power through lavish expenditures on unimportant things? 


  1. The White House-a “simple” dwelling passed down to successors

Group Members: Kayli Fontana, Gorphen Huang, Maria Muller, Zoraya Almonte, Mukta Akter

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