Week 1: Writer’s Journal Link

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Week 1: Writer’s Journal Link

Hello, my name is Corey Wong. The pronouns I use are he/him. I am a currently sophomore at Baruch, majoring in Finance. A major goal I have for myself in this course is to become a more efficient writer, being able to plan and follow through with my initial thoughts. When writing papers, I come across a frequent issue where I don’t follow my initial plan and end up scrapping everything and starting from scratch. A question I have is will there be any extra credit assignments offered? Or a way to earn some extra points?

One rule I have always been thought of is to write an outline before starting a paper, to plan everything out. This generally does not work for me though, because I can’t seem to make up my mind on which idea I want to stick with first. My relationship with writing is just something I have to deal with it. I do not love it nor hate it, I know it has to get done. Whether it may be for a class or typing up an important email.