Baruch Blood drive


Last Thursday, October 17th 2012, was Baruch’s first Blood drive for the school year of 2013-2014. It came along with the theme of Halloween where Baruch students and faculty could easily took notice of. The dark red background of flyers and advertisements on television monitors attracted many students’ eye sights as well.The blood drive was held at the multipurpose room on the first floor and room was also decorated in Halloween theme where the tables were covered with bright orange table cloth and small Halloween decoration. My team went to the blood drive at 10:45 a.m. which, however, was a little bit too early so no one was there to donate blood yet. But we still managed to look around and saw how things are like.

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“Brooklyn, we go hard”


Due to the Boston marathon bombing, Mayor Bloomberg increases the security in New York City. Council member Letitia James tweeted saying, that many landmarks in Brooklyn like the Barclays stadium have increase it’s security, however, Brooklynites should not be too concern with it. The American Red Cross also announced that the blood supply in Boston now is no longer urgently needed, however, we are still encourage to donate blood. A blood drive will be taken place in long island university from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Personally, I have been around Fort Greene for the last 4 years, because that’s where my school is located. We also held our graduation at Barclays stadium, and I will pass by LIU everyday, so I can strongly relate to this article.



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Loyalty, Permission and Altruism of Met’s Blood Drive


“New York Blood Center helps people in need.”

Even though the air is chilly, cold from the prevailing winter winds, hundreds of people are determined to contribute towards the blood drive in Citi Field. The Mets hosted the special event of gathering blood to benefit the New York Blood Center. However, the donors were die-hard Mets fans and only attended the event desipite the cold for two free tickets to any Mets game. The blood drive is extremely regulated, people with a temporary illness or infection can not donate blood. The Mets were eager to donate their blood for a bigger cause, to help out other people in need. Paul Kim, a considerate college student from flushing was eager to donate his blood in order to get tickets for his sister, who’s a Mets fan. Yesenia Flores stated that she enjoyed donating blood to be a rewarding cause and contributed in the blood drive.

Baruch College had recently establish a blood drive event to help out Blood Centers. The event was properly conducted in which the participants donated blood of their own free will. The room was furnished with fancy announcements and calenders of upcoming Baruch events. There was a really long ling of students waiting to donate their blood and the event is really successful!

Annual blood drives is essential to helping other people without having to sacrifice much of anything. The purpose of this charity event is to accumulate enough blood in case injuries leave people with blood deprivation. International blood drives occur frequently for the bigger causes of the people.

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High School Blood Drive Pose Extra Risk


“High school students contributing to blood drive event,”

High school students who donate blood are more likely to experience complications like fainting and bruising than adult donors. The country is relying on high school blood donors to maintain the nation’s blood supply. Strict enforcement prevented people who recently have tattoos or lived in high risk countries have shrank the pool of eligible donors to less than 40 percent of the united state’s population. Blood donors between the age of sixteen and nineteen now accounted for about fifteen percent of annual donations. There is always a risk in passing out and bruising in young teens after blood donations. Teens who have had a minor bad experience in donating blood is not like to donate again thus decreasing the size of the participants. Adult donors are limited because they don’t have as much time as teens. Teens should eat a healthy breakfast, sleep enough, and feeling well before donating blood in order to reduce injuries. Blood centers are in need of more blood donors. It is not safe to rely on teens in donating adequate amounts of blood because there is a higher possibility for them to experience an aftermath problem. Adults should contribute more towards the blood drive to create an equilibrium balance of donors needed worldwide.

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No Trust in Blood Donation


The study of Contribution of attitudinal factors to blood donation in African American church attendees found that African Americans have a higher percentage in not trusting the blood donating system. A survey, which is included in the study, has asked 950 African Americans whether they would become blood donors or not. The study found that one in five African Americans does not trust the hospital resulting in not planning to donate blood. This is the end result of a popular misconception where people can actually get disease like HIV from donating blood.

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Remembering 2011: Tropical Hurricane Irene And Its’ Consequent Blood Donation Deficit


During Tropical Storm Irene in the summer of 2011, Mayor Bloomberg’s warning for people to remain indoors led to the cancellation of many blood drives, which consequently resulted in a shortage of blood donations at the New York Blood Center. The New York Blood Center supplies blood for 200 hospitals in New York and usually the inventory holds enough blood to meet the needs of hospitals for three to five days. However after this tropical storm, the New York Blood Center is down to a blood reserve of only two days. This could prove critical for patients at New York hospital because of the limited number of blood. In the case of an accident, there might not have been enough blood for the victims. After Tropical Storm Irene, Bloomberg made an urgent call for New Yorkers everywhere to donate blood.

After evacuations and warnings to stay inside, due to Tropical Storm Irene, blood donation levels were at a low and many hospitals were worried there would not be enough to supply for severe accident patients. Bloomberg urges New Yorkers to donate blood after the storm.

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