Summer 2024 Teach-in & Retreat

Contribute to CUNY 1969!: The Summer 2024 Teach-in and Retreat

The Baruch Center for Teaching and Learning invites applications from both full-time and part-time Baruch College faculty and staff who would like to help build and contribute to the CUNY 1969 project this summer. The retreat will take place June 6–27, with synchronous meetings on Thursdays, through an intensive—and compensated—teach-in. During the retreat, fellows are invited to explore this digital resource in more depth, form a community of inquiry around CUNY’s history, learn about open pedagogy techniques, and practice creating engaging student-facing classroom materials.

Fellows will be expected to submit one open-access educational contribution that will be made part of the CUNY 1969 project, such as:

  • A lesson plan or assignment for future instructors to use CUNY 1969 for teaching purposes
  • An interactive tech tool or platform that complements the project’s content
  • New media that highlights the legacies and lives of those involved in the 1969 protests and/or the push for Open Admissions (such as audio or video interviews)
  • Interviews or other media featuring experts associated with CUNY

Please see examples of contributions from past teach-ins here.

Engagement Goals

By the end of the summer retreat, Fellows will have:

  • Identified and practiced producing engaging student assignments and activities with primary and secondary sources from digital archives;
  • Developed familiarity with CUNY archives and histories;
  • Developed OER and open pedagogy practices, including the use of open-source platforms and Creative Commons-licensed media; and
  • Co-fostered a community of reflection about anti-oppressive student and faculty activism across CUNY’s history.

The details

The summer teach-in and retreat period is from June 6th to June 27th, 2024, with synchronous sessions meeting on four Thursdays (June 6, 13, 20, 27) from 10am to 2pm (with a lunch break from 12pm to 1pm). Fellows will receive a stipend of $1,500 for their participation and contributions to the CUNY 1969 project**. The total weekly time commitment is 3 hours of synchronous meetings and approximately 3 hours of independent asynchronous work. Participants will be asked to write both collaboratively (online) and independently during the retreat period. All synchronous meeting sessions will be conducted on Zoom.

**Fellows will receive $1500 in compensation for participation. This is paid as NTA hours so the timing and exact amount may vary based on workload reporting requirements.

Tech skills required:

You should be comfortable with some typical platforms and technologies used in higher education spaces. We will be moving between online platforms to draft and collaborate ideas, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Zoom, and WordPress. We may also invite you to try other potentially unfamiliar platforms, like Knight Lab software, that experiment with storytelling or teaching ideas. Our expectation is that you have ease navigating between these platforms, and that you are comfortable with learning new ones. Note that due to time constraints, we may refer you to help guides provided by those platforms. Advanced digital skills like media editing or coding are definitely not required. If you do have familiarity with particular platforms—with plugins on WordPress, for example—we can channel our skills together.


We welcome faculty (full-time or part-time) and staff (full-time or part-time) across Baruch College to apply. If you are not Baruch-affiliated faculty or staff, and are interested in this project, please still get in touch with us.

Information Session

On April 18th, 2024, we held an information session for the Summer 2024 Teach-in. You are welcome to view the recording for that below. (Password: 7!Nz4.q#)

This project is supported by the CUNY Open Educational Resources (OER) grant. Learn more about what we mean by open access resources here, and the Creative Commons licenses you will need to submit along with your contributions.