The Scene at CUNY: Welcome to City College

March 1969

illustration of tables inside Shepherd Hall setup for a campus fair

It’s been one month since you started attending City College as a transfer student, and you’ve decided to visit the school’s campus fair to check out how to get involved.

You enter a very large hall with really high ceilings supported by wooden arches. It smells… old and stuffy. But wow, check out that ceiling! As you look up to admire the ornate arches, you see colorful flags hanging from poles distributed all around the ceiling, as well as some strange gargoyle-like statuettes. You wonder what the flag patterns denote—college clubs, sports teams, or something else?

Being in this old and storied hall makes you feel good—you’re where you want to be! Everyone you know is proud of you for getting into City College, the Harvard of the working class and the best public college in the nation. You shift your gaze to the tables in the middle of the hall.