Hi. My name is Daniel Libertz, and I am currently an assistant professor of English and the associate director of the First-Year Writing Program at Baruch College, CUNY.


Research and Writing. My research interests revolve around quantitative rhetoric, the communication of technical knowledge to non-technical audiences, and pedagogy. You can read my publication on framing and statistics here, my publication on the pedagogical use of writing simulations for algorithmic rhetoric here, and (behind a paywall) my publication on pedagogical accommodations for military service members with traumatic brain injury (TBI). I also have some public writing on teaching, specifically a blog post on an activity that gets students to think about the rhetorical and epistemological consequences of expressions of certainty and doubt at the sentence level.


Teaching. Click on “Teaching” for my course webpages for Writing I at Baruch College, Writing for the Public, Written Professional Communication, and a class I designed for the University of Pittsburgh’s English department called Writing With Data. I post all of my lesson plans for these courses there as well as some other materials. I have also taught composition, reading, and literature across several institutions (just haven’t used this website for those materials–see my CV for my experience on that).


Administration. Click on “CV” for more information about my professional background. There’s a lot on teaching and research, but look here also for my experience in administration, curriculum development, assessment, and program building. I am very invested in building communities around literacy and rhetoric.


Miscellaneous. I’m a huge Philly sports fan, as this was driven into me at a very early age. Additionally, I exercise because it is good for me and I eat because I like to eat.


Please contact me at daniel.libertz@baruch.cuny.edu if you know how to get a toddler to go to bed. You can also contact me about other topics.