Week 3 Writing Prompt

I think one of the hardest ENG 2100 assignments I’ve had to write, would probably be the 5 page essay draft the literacy narrative. However, my reasoning isn’t because it was five pages long. It’s because I didn’t know how I wanted to organize my thoughts and put it onto paper. I think I could’ve written at least 6-7 drafts of just my introductory paragraph, then some 5-6 drafts per body paragraph. This entire process was just a constant cycle of writing and reading what I wrote altogether and revising. “the topic sentence is alright… but it could be better. Let’s change it. Now the rest of the paragraph doesn’t flow with the topic sentence, let’s delete everything and restart.” Honestly an accurate representation of my mind right here. In addition, I had to think about my story. I didn’t remember all the details of my life experiences so I would just spend days thinking about my experiences with writing. After thinking I wrote them down, but then it didn’t sound so good so delete once again. Eventually I had finished but that wasn’t enough so I continued to write until I finally came up with a satisfactory concluding sentence. Honestly, this wasn’t the hardest writing assignment I’ve done in my life. However, for this class it was definitely a challenge.

Funnily enough, I had already used the writing strategies talked about in these last couple chapters. I hadn’t ever really done any research on the topic but I just came to understand the importance of I. I understood how in normal communication through speech, people would tend to understand you more after sharing similar experiences. Especially experiences in which you feel as though no one else in the world understands. Thus I began to incorporate “I” into my writing to allow for the reader to be able to relate to my feelings, to feel empathy. As well as be able communicate with them as a fellow human being. I felt my writing would begin to sound more welcoming and open if I began to use “I” in my writing, and who would’ve know I would be on the right track

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