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Happy Hour at the Barre

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They say that exercise helps you boost your mood, well this one will sure make you happy…and sore. The new way of staying in shape has taken over the private fitness studios and large gym classes all over the United States. Ballet-based extensive workout at the barre will make you break a sweat, and if you haven’t tried it yet, after reading this you will sure find yourself signing up!

I heard about the class from a friend, who invited me with her for a workout at Physique57, a Manhattan-based fitness studio. The class was extremely intense, although it was a beginner level. We had to do series of exercises at the barre by using our leg, arm, abdomen and back muscles. You would think that there would be a lot of stretching and graceful slow movement, but instead the class of only ten people moved at a fast and dynamic pace while MJ’s “I’m bad” was blasting in the background. The first ten minutes I was having pure fun and was getting just a tiny bit hot.


After twenty minutes I realized that I am soaking wet and need a moment, but the instructor just raised the volume of the speakers and encouraged: “Come on ladies, you are on your way to your dream body, work it!” And I sure knew that my dream body was not looking at me from the mirror across, so I kept on working. After the fifty seven minutes of pure work (no breaks!),I dragged myself into the cab and was riding home happier than ever. The next morning, I have to say, I was not so happy when every single muscle of my body reminded me of the work I have done….however it was definitely worth it!


Today the barre exercises are extremely popular and receive plenty of good reviews and feedback from clients. It is an intensive workout, but I can tell you for sure, it was the most effective I’ve ever taken. After the fourth class I already felt a huge difference in the way my body felt and after the sixth I could see myself moving a little closer to that dream body. Several studios ( The Bar Method, Exhale Spa, Pure Barre ) ¬†offer barre classes in NYC, the prices vary from $30 to $45 per session, however most studios offer packages and special pricing. If you are still undecided what to ask Santa for Christmas this might just be the perfect start to get to that new year resolution of staying fit, and most important, happy!

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