Iraq War Documents

On this page, you can find a number of documents that I have obtained in the course of my research on the Iraq War.   I received most of these documents through either the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or through Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) requests.  I have only posted those documents here that I think would be of particular interest to others, but I’m always happy to share other documents that are in my possession if you contact me about them.

I organize the documents below by agency, and I include the least-redacted copy of a given document in my possession.

Central Intelligence Agency

Defense Intelligence Agency

Office of the Secretary of Defense

Most of the documents listed here were not released to me under FOIA/MDR.  I found most of them in various FOIA reading rooms, but these are often incredibly hard to use.  Thus, I am reposting these documents here for increased visibility.  I have not organized or indexed them beyond what was already done.

  • Rumsfeld MDR Release: 1,362 pages of Department of Defense documents released to Donald Rumsfeld in response to Mandatory Declassification Review requests (not exclusive to Iraq, although it is a major focus).  Some of these are available on Rumsfeld’s website, but many are not.  These have no particular organizational scheme, but you can search the OCRed text.
  • OSD Policy Documents: So far as I can determine from FOIA logs, these documents were released in response to a FOIA request seeking all Iraq-related documents from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.  They are of high research value and each of the three releases has a useful index.
  • Ultimatum Strategy — Exile and Asylum as an Alternative to War” (March 4, 2003): This is a proposal to issue an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein and a handful of top-tier Iraqi officials, offering protection against prosecution if they choose to voluntarily go into exile.
  • Amnesty and Regime Change” (August 23, 2003): Early proposal to offer Saddam and his inner circle amnesty in return for exile.
  • POTUS Meeting, 5 Feb 2003“: Rumsfeld’s summary of a meeting with top officials on February 5 — includes a timeline for action on Iraq.

Department of State (INR)

Imad Hage

Imad Hage was a Lebanese-American businessman who attempted to serve as an intermediary between the United States and Iraq in early 2003.  The existence of this diplomatic channel was reported, more or less simultaneously, by several news outlets in November 2003 (The New York Times, Knight Ridder, Newsweek, and ABC News).

At the same time that Hage was involved in these efforts, he was detained at Dulles airport (on January 28, 2003) after a handgun was found in his checked luggage. This led to an investigation and prosecution of Hage, which provides some (indirect) insight into the diplomatic channel.

  • Declaration by Imad Hage (June 1, 2004): This is a sworn declaration submitted by Hage in connection with his prosecution for the Dulles airport incident.