Marxe Diversity Committee Member Neil Hernandez Prepares Asylum Seekers as USCIS Reopens

Professor Neil Hernandez, who is a member of the Marxe School Diversity Committee, prepared asylum seekers for their interviews at two webinars as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reopened on June 4th (after closure due to COVID-19). The webinars, titled β€œThe Basics of the Asylum Interview,” were organized by RIF Asylum Support, a New York City-based nonprofit organization. And they took place on June 19th and 26th. The latter webinar was in Spanish. His efforts are consistent with the fourth commitment made by the Committee, by way of its Statement of Solidarity and Purpose, β€œto actively work with marginalized and historically underrepresented minority groups, in New York City and beyond, to achieve social justice and equal justice under the law.”

To learn more about Professor Hernandez, you can visit his website.

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