Wikipedia Edits

Wikipedia Edits

Note: The assignment calls for Wikipedia edits made to topics that are “somehow related to the 2012 Presidential election.”

List the edits you made to Wikipedia below in the following format:

Your name.

Describe your edits in as much detail as you can.

Link to the page you edited.


Pablo Grossi

Pablo Grossi by Pablo Grossi

Edited the 2012 Republican National Convention wikipedia page – link below; Added the response from President Obama to Eastwood’s comments on his absence;

President Obama responded to the comment from Clint Eastwood by tweeting a picture of him sitting in his chair, where it says “The President” – adding the phrase: “…This seat’s taken…” – reference : Article entitled “Obama Tweets Response to Eastwooding Meme: ‘This Seat’s Taken’”published at here


Estevan Roman

After Pablo’s post about the political pages being locked, I figured I would go and edit an actual historically based document, but when I went to the main site that I was going to make an edit for Roman Empire I noticed it was locked until February 2013 due to vandalism.  Interestingly this is what I dislike about Wikipedia, not the fact that they locked it, but that they locked it for so long and I have to ask to make a change to it, and then even as a very well experience web person, I am confused as to get this permission, it is frustrating.  I decided to make the changes to one of the other pages that the root page links to another subject.

The reason I chose that page is because I am not only extremely interested Roman, Byzantine and European history, but it was one of the few pages that was not locked and related to Roman Empire, and I wanted to see how fast it would be changed being it was a smaller linked subject.

Changed first section of the DNC wiki page adding a small sentence in the form that I see is common in Wikipedia.


Tatsiana Vashkevich

I came across an article in Salon which is an online magazine and decided to add a comment to 2012 Republican National Convention article in Wikipedia. According to Salon magazine, Paul Ryan’s speech was not just inaccurate and misleading, it was simply dishonest. In my opinion, it is an important point to highlight and add to Wikipedia article. Here is my edit to Wikipedia:

According to Salon, a progressive online magazine: ’’Paul Ryan’s speech was so shamelessly dishonest that it seemed designed not just to stir up the crowd in the arena but also to give media fact-checkers aneurysms. There’s really no other reason for Ryan to have made the closure of the GM plant such a prominent part of his address. That wasn’t just a misleading interpretation of events, it was straight-up dishonesty.’’


Caroline Albanese 

In my Wikipedia edit, I went into the 2012 Democratic National Convention page and edited what was said under Michelle Obama’s speech. I added the following line:

“Her speech lasted 25 minutes and focused on the Barack Obama she fell in love with as well as the strength of the American Spirit and those in the military. “I’ve seen it in our  men and women in uniform and our proud military families…in a young man blinded by a bomb in Afghanistan who said simply, ‘I’d give my eyes 100 times again to have the chance to do what I have done, and what I can still do.’ ”

I inserted a citation to a Youtube clip that I used to transcribe the quote, which was a recording of her entire 25 minute speech.

The line highlighted is what I edited into the Wikipedia page.


Guang Li

I added the following entry to Wikipedia in “Clint Eastwood at the 2012 Republican National Convention page” using a interview, Mr.Eastwood did with his hometown newspaper.

In a September 7, 2012 interview with his hometown newspaper, The Carmel Pine Cone, following his speech at the Republican Nation Convention, Clint Eastwood said that “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” and “Romney and Ryan would do a much better job running the country, and that’s what everybody needs to know. I may have irritated a lot of the lefties, but I was aiming for people in the middle.”

In the same interview with his hometown newspaper, Mr. Eastwood told idea behind the empty chair was due to some guy keep persisting him if wanted to sit down, and an idea come to him, that he will just put the chair on stage and pretend President Obama sitting there and questioning Mr. Obama of his broken promises.



William Lok

Edited the RNC 2012 page. Added a short summary of Ann Romney’s speech. Included a quote. Cited YouTube in the process.


Anton Maslov

I’ve edited Clint Eastwood’s Political Life page on Wikipedia. Although the page had information on actor’s involvement in the 2012 Presidential Election, there was no mention of his informal title of “surprise speaker,” which was used many times on the news several days prior to his speech. I think it is important to know that, because the Republican Party kept his identity in secret to stir the curiosity of the Americans, thereby obtaining more viewers and, potentially, voters.  By adding extra words into the existing sentence, I also had to make a minor change to the syntax, mainly by breaking a single sentence into two separate ones.


Cary Leibowitz

I edited the NFL Wikipedia page. This was inspired by the opening week of the season which happened this weekend. While reading the NY times this morning;an article about players openly supporting other gay athletes in the league, made me search the NFL Wikipedia page to see if there were any mention of political activismI within the NFL. There was no mention of any political activism coming from the NFL. I included a link to the article, and was the first person to include a post in regards to politics on the page. Hopefully this opens the doors for any political voices coming from the league, to be openly documented. With gay acceptance being such a hot ticket in this election; I thoughtn it was a properly timed addition to the page.


Robert Sorenson

Under the Democratic National Convention page I made an edit eluding to Michelle Obama’s speech.  I emphasized how she conveyed the imortance of their daughters even through all this campaigning and political business.  With so much at stake during this convention, I found it admirable of her to tell the country how much family means to the Obama’s. I referenced an article with her speech transcript by fox news.


Phillip Blesutein

The edits that I provided to the a Wikipedia site includes providing relavant information on the outsourcing page. Outsourcing is relevant to the 2012 Presidential Election because one of the main issues that is being talked about is Employment. I used the 2012 Olympics as an example of how outsourcing in the United States is a big problem.  My contribution (edit) is under the United States section of the site.


Stephen Tu

Recently I read an article on CNN regarding the encroachment of our freedom of speech in the Occupy Movement in Tampa and Charlotte during the Democratic and Republic National Convention. Before being able to make this post, someone already edited out some of my information in regards to the Supreme Court ruling in Hague v. Committee for Industrial Organization case which supported the freedom of assembly. It is interesting that the government create and police zones for people to voice their opinions when it may be unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the Free Speech Zone page cannot be edited.


Felipe Francois

I went to the DNC’s convention page and changed the name of one of the speakers at the convention. The name that I changed was Julian Castro’s to his brother, Joaquin Castro. Both brothers are very involved in politics. Obama trying to reach out to latinos used  Julian to appealed to that group of voters.


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Eli Lekht

I edited
i added ”The trend of presidents getting re-elected seems to be fairly constant, even though George W. Bush did not serve the best presidential term he was still re-elected in 2004. This trend is most likely to keep recurring, especially in this (2012) elections if you know what i mean.” and i hyperlinked George W. Bush to the wiki page of George W. Bush.