Project Minei: Do Good

Des, Jenn, Matt and I (JoMaris) did not originally know we would be helping children fight cancer.  I think hearing the phrase “children with cancer” is alarming, but we know we were assigned to help our community in some way, and we had already agreed that we wanted our project to be done seriously. If we were going to help our community, we wanted to have an impact. So, all four of us sat down together and shared ideas until we finally found what we were looking for: A Free Bird.

A Free Bird?

A Free Bird is a non-profit organization that supports children with cancer through therapeutic arts. A Free Bird is entirely volunteer-run and public owned, with a staff that is dedicated to their cause. After several back-and-forth emails, my team and I were able to meet with the founder, Godni Amir, and we decided that our “Do Good” project would be fundraising for his organization and the children.

Our Goal

We aimed to raise at least $500 for A Free Bird through fundraising and donation boxes, as well as support their organization through social media.

What Happened Next?

  • We had a bake sale, of course!

One of the ways we were told we could help A Free Bird was by raising money to fund their new art building, so with homemade (and store-bought) cookies, cupcakes and brownies in hand, we walked around our campus, Baruch College, hoping to sell sweets to hungry students. Many people kindly donated as well, and we were able to raise $285 in a few hours.

  • We attended A Free Bird’s Gala

On the same day of our bake sale, A Free Bird had invited us to attend their charity event later that evening. Wearing our more elegant outfits, we went to the gala and were able to greet many potential donors. We also created a video that described the new art building A Free Bird has been planning so every giver could see where their donations were going.

Key Takeaways

My team’s “Do Good” project initially had some minor bumps, like when we first could not get a table for our bake sale and had to sell cupcakes by the staircase.  We also were not able to achieve the social media base we wanted, which was disappointing.

However, my team and I enjoyed our time helping fight cancer with A Free Bird. Though we did not manage all the goals we set for ourselves, we were able to raise money from our bake sale, create a video, and even attend a gala (my first one). Not only was the team experience empowering because we were supporting an organization that fights to save lives, but my team and I were able to find lovely people who were also eager to invest in the community through their donations.

We are thankful for the many who have worked hard to support children who are struggling with disease, and we would love to keep fighting for the cancer community. Please be sure to check out A Free Bird’s website below to see more of what they do! As my team and I discovered, doing good requires only the small step of first reaching out. #BaruchFightsCancer.



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