Dollars & Sense is an award-winning online magazine reported and edited by students and published by the journalism department at Baruch College, CUNY. Founded in 1979 by Prof. Roslyn Bernstein, for years the magazine was printed each spring and distributed to students, faculty, alumni, corporate leaders and journalists in the New York region. In 2009, Dollars & Sense switched to an online format to capitalize on multimedia technology and publish students’ work more frequently.

In recent years, Dollars & Sense has frequently been named one of the top online college magazines by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Its coverage of the midterm elections in Maine also won an award for best student business journalism in 2018 by the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing.To provide access to the years of print publication, we have created this archive. Three indices there enable a search of content by year, by author or by topic. To see individual issues, click on the orange plus signs.

Caspar Gajewski

Co-Managing Editors
Judah Duke
Shayna Hanig

Social Media Manager
Shayna Hanig

Regina Martinez
Yolbeny Checo
Adi Har-Shemesh
Valerie Conklin
Mia Mikki
Priya Thakur
Emma Delahanty
Judah Duke
Shayna Hanig
Caspar Gajewski

Faculty Advisers
Vera Haller, Vera.Haller@baruch.cuny.edu
Gisele Regatao, Gisele.Regatao@baruch.cuny.edu

If you are interested in participating or submitting material for publication, please write to baruchdollarsandsense@gmail.com or contact a faculty adviser.