Introduction to the Doll’s Little House

Talking about dolls, people might think of Barbie dolls as the first reaction. However, there are more different types of dolls in the market. For example, Super Dollfie (SD Dolls) is from a Japanese company called Volks; Barbie is a fashion doll from an American company called Mattel, Inc; Bratz is a fashion doll as well which is from American company called MGA Entertainment; Blythe is a fashion doll designed by Allison Katzman from the United States; Ddung is a brand that was designed by Keol from Korea; Kurhn is the Barbie of China. It was made by Guangdong Kurhn Toys company. Ball-Jointed Dolls is one kind of SD Doll produced in Japan, South Korea, and China. These dolls not only made for children to play but also for people, even adults to collect.

People collect dolls as their habits; people sell dolls’ makeup as their business; people make clothes and doll other accessories for dolls as their business too. Some people cannot afford these high prices for the accessories, clothes or a completed doll (a doll with makeup on). Instead of paying money for expensive clothes and accessories, people would like to make these things by themselves. In addition, some people are DIY lovers. They like to make things by themselves. My blog is here to provide a platform where people can share their experiences that are related to the doll. I will provide DIY tutorials such as making doll clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, makeups, and hairstyles, etc. People can get benefits from those tutorials provided by my blog. Furthermore, people can simply share their collections on the blog as well.

I really have the passion for doll collections. I have over 30 dolls in my collection list and I have over 10 years of dolls collection experience. As time passes, I have figured out that prices of all doll related accessories are increasing at a constant rate. I could not afford it since I am still a student with no income. So, I started making my own clothes for my dolls since 13 years old. Until now, I have around 8 years DIY experiences. I have made many things like doll dresses, bed, couch, bags, hats, etc.

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