Welcome to ENG 4950: Data and Writing Toward Social Change!

Please check out the syllabus for the course description, assignments, and other important information relevant to the big picture of the course.

This page will just briefly explain what we will use this website for.

#1: Schedule

You will probably find yourself using this website most often for checking the course schedule. There may be times when I have to change the schedule, so please check it periodically. You will find information about what we will do each class, a link to the lesson plan (when it is ready) for each day, and what readings and/or assignments are due each day. You can get to the schedule by clicking “Schedule” on the menu bar.

#2: Lesson Plans

On the Schedule, as mentioned above, there are links to lesson plans. The lesson plans are for you to follow along when we are in synchronous class sessions on Discord and in-person class meetings.

#3: Resources and Information

There are also a collection of resources and information on this website. There are links to resources related to writing and language under “Writing/Language Resources,” resources related to data science things under “Data Resources,” and there are resources related to Baruch College and living in NYC in general under “Community Resources.” Throughout the semester, I will periodically add to these items.


That’s it! For submitting assignments and downloading documents, you need to go to Blackboard. To participate in synchronous meetings (and some asynchronous writing), you will go to Discord.