“I received more than I could have given.” Ironically, this not only stands true in regards to volunteering in a non-profit organization, but so too, it stands true in the class whose project is to volunteer. This seminar was effective by introducing specific programs and services offered by Baruch College. Without this seminar, I would most likely be unaware of these programs and services. The project that this class expects of us, accurately represents what the goal of the seminar was. I feel that the goal was to expose the students to their surrondings. To allow the student to question, and to explore their envirnment. The research and group collaboartion that was done with this project exposed an unbeknown level in my surronding environment. The research enabled me to see what types of volunteer organizations surrond me.

Personally, I have been volunteering weekly in non-for-profit organizations for the past 8 years, and when I came to Baruch that was something I felt was missing. I not only had adjustment issues with my classes and work-load, but there was a deeper void. I wasn’t able to pinpoint this void, until this volunteer project was introduced to the class. At that moment I realized that it was this feeling of giving back that I had been missing. It’s a feeling that one can’t accurately describe. As stated previously, with volunteering one gains more than they can give. Merely from the research of my groups organization and the presentations of my classmates, I learnt so much about my surrondings. It gave me insight into my classmate’s personalities, and taught me a lot about leadership.

This class, specifically this project, inspired me to join groups, organizations, volunteer programs around me. It inspired me to take advantage of the facilities, resources, faculty in the school, and the privileges I was given. Yes I moved homes, I changed schools and I made new friends, but it does not mean that I am exempt from giving back to my community. Seeing the amount they give me, obligates me to donate my time and talents to my new community. I do not know where I will be in three years, but I hope it is in a community that I have made my own. 

Giving Back

Sitting in the kitchen, my father called my name saying I had received a letter from Baruch College. One can only imagine my excitement when I saw the opening statement, “you’ve been selected to be apart of the Baruch scholars community.”

I was so excited, but in truth, I was also very confused. Why is the reward so great? How is it possible that I get free tuition, money towards study abroad, and also get a free computer? It just seemed too good to be true and I couldn’t understand why me. I was determined to figure out how I could give back to a community, which gave me so much.

The honors program was helpful in placing me in the proper direction of showing my appreciation. They reminded me a way in which I can give back. Getting involved in school activities is a way to give back to the school. But taking part in volunteer services is a way to give back to the community as a whole.

Just like the honors program made our experience in Baruch a more comfortable experience, my group decided that we want to make people feel more comfortable in their environment. By getting involved in the organization New York Cares, and removing trash from parks, we will enable people to live in a healthy and happy environment. We feel that this is the best way to give back to our community by modeling exactly what the honors program at Baruch did for us.



“Where do you come from?” Is this asking to explain my childhood? Is it asking to explain the birds and bees theory?  Or is it just asking where do you come from every day before you enter Baruch College?

Well I can answer the first and the third question but the second I feel is more appropriate to leave out. I live in Long Island, NY and was born in North Shore Hospital in New York. I have one older brother and two younger brothers. I always enjoyed being the only girl. When my mother was pregnant with my youngest brother everyone would ask me if I wanted a sister and I would answer no, I enjoyed being the only girl. Thankfully my wish was granted as I got another brother. I was even more thankful for that during my teenage years, as my friends would always come to me complaining about things that their sisters did, and I didn’t regret missing out on those fights. I like to live a more “drama-free life.”

 Shortly after that, my family had moved to Israel, as my mother’s whole side lives there. We lived there for three years but unfortunately moved back to America because of my father’s job. I say “unfortunately” because I love Israel. This past year I had taken a gap year and studied abroad in Israel. It was an amazing experience, I learned religious studies and about the history of the land. So, I can very simply answer the question of “where are you going?”  I would like to eventually live in Israel. I hope to have a career and a family there one day. What type of career one might ask? I can’t answer that question just yet, as my major is undecided. I hope my studies at Baruch will help direct me as to what major I choose.