In The News – Round Up

Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy do the Salsa in a trio challenge with Keo Motsepe. (Wetpaint)

Panamanian Salsa Singer Ruben Blade performs one of his biggest Salsa hits “Pedro Navaja” into a Tango version. (Yahoo Music)

Puerto Rican Salsa singer Marc Anthony performs to ‘Rude’ and takes home Best Salsa Album award at the Latin Grammy. (Voxxi)

Jennifer Lopez shakes to ‘Booty’ and flaunts sizzling hot Salsa moves at the AMA’s 2014. (Latin Times)

Dancing Old Man drops his canes to show off his Salsa skills. (Huffington Post)

Dancing With The Stars Finalist, Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish In NYC

Video: Dancing with the stars pro dancer, Val Chmerkovskiy and celebrity partner, Janel Parrish debut their spectacular Salsa performance Trio with Keo Motsepe.

November 26, 2014 was a surprising day for millions of New Yorkers, myself included. It was no other than the famous Dancing with the Stars pair, Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy eating a delicious cheesy pizza slice at Joe’s Pizza located on 150 East 14th Street in New York.

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The Salsa Lifestyle – Palladium Sundays Grand Opening

“Head high, smile, and good luck everyone. It’s show time.” – Framboyan Dance Team. Dance Sport, located at 22nd West and 34th Street in Manhattan was ready to open their doors to all New Yorkers. It was the Grand Opening of “Palladium Sundays NYC”, an exciting Salsa event that gives Dancers the opportunity to dance and flourish.

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Salsa Socials On A Friday Night – Lorenz Latin Dance Studio

VIDEO: Interview with Joel Guzman. A beginner student at Lorenz Latin Dance Studio, Manhattan explains his motive and passion for Salsa Dancing.

Salsa does not only captivate New Yorkers attention by their physical appearance or hearing, but it also has the powerful effect to reel you in mentally and emotionally.

At the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio in Manhattan one recent Friday night, dancers spun and twirled to the beat of the Salsa music. The women wore their sparkly satin high heel Burju shoes. The men comfortably dressed in plain fitted t-shirts and pants. The disco lights flashed all over the dance floor: Up, down, left and right, capturing every hip and leg Salsa styling movements. Dancers maneuvered their way through the dance floor as best as they could. Mirrors on the wall reflected many of Salseros’ and Saleras’ passionate face and body expressions. It was fascinating to view how they poured their heart, body, and soul into a world they can escape to.

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Salsa Thursdays – Club Cache

Video: Club Cache brings in Top Salsa Performers from Mexico to debut one of their Spiciest choreography in New York City!

There is no doubt that New Yorkers love to dance. New York City offers a list of great venues for the young, hip, and old. However, none like the hottest low-key Salsa venue, “Club Cache”, located on 22 West and 39th street in Manhattan. This nightclub is not just the typical Salsa nightclub you walk into to groove. This spot is especially made for the “Salsa on 2” lovers. “Salsa on 2” is better known as the New York Salsa. It is a formal dance style that comply rules as oppose to the free-style “Salsa” that we all know. So if you are feeling the Salsa itch on your feet, be prepared to bring a towel and your Mambo shoes along.

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