My personal experience with Wikipedia has been nothing but engaging up to this point in time. As a child, I’ve been told that Wikipedia is something to avoid, as it doesn’t contain reliable information. Due to this statement made by one of my English teachers, I thought of Wikipedia as something where people but fake information. Today, I am intrigued with my genuine interest in Wikipedia’s goal to provide free information to anyone who seeks it.

As for splitting up the group work, my group and I have managed to establish roles that allow a proper workflow between us all. This system establishes what each member has to do at a designated deadline; it allows work to get done fast and efficiently. This way, we allow for an equal distribution without the fear of only having one person do all the work, which happens when many get involved in group work.

I am currently responsible for our Wikipedias article’s filming and release sections. Unfortunately, I have been running through some issues where I have had difficulty understanding how to do something, but thankfully, my group was there to help me.

I am still unsure how to use some Wikipedia tools to my advantage when writing. However, this has been getting resolved thanks to the Wikipedia modules.
I believe this project has a lot to offer me both as a writer and a learner, as I will be able to learn how to write an online article for many to see and who could find the work that my group and I did of great use.