The Relationship between Dante and Virgil

            Virgil is a man with many good and noble virtues. He is a guide and protective to Dante’s journey in different levels of hell. Dante is a poet who does a great job on literature works and poems, because of his sympathetic and spiritual minds. Even though he is seen to be a genius as a poet and to be holding a high esteem for Virgil, his spiritual minds are getting into a high level from the guidance of Virgil. Indeed, the relationship between Dante and Virgil is gradually developing as they move through various circles in Hell. For instance, he explains many details, structures, and functions of the hell as patiently as he can in order to familiarize him with his journey. Also, he reminds Dante not to be sympathetic to the dammed souls, because these souls are here for punishment by God. These examples show how important Virgil is to Dante in his journey. In the end, their relationship evolves stronger and stronger and establishes mutual respects. Dante not only regards Virgil as his friends but as the person who he trusts deeply in his life.