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First of all, congratulations on starting another year in college, and welcome to your first literature course! 🙂 

This course is designed to introduce you to world literature from the 17th century to present, help you put on your analytical lenses, and interpret great works of literature and how they can produce meaning in relation to their social and historical contexts.  You will reinforce your writing, research and rhetorical analysis skills, as you did in ENG2100 and ENG2150. The goal is that you can carry this awareness of literature and language beyond this course and apply it to whatever discipline you decide to major in as well as in your life in general.

Start with clicking Syllabus in the main menu. You will find crucial information such as the full course description, my contact information, our unique zoom link (for both meetings and office hours), and policies.

Then, consult the Schedule in the main menu, and start having a look at the weekly modules. Every week, you will do some readings and commenting or posting on the Google Doc (see menu) and we will then have a check-in meeting every Thursday (except holidays).

See you on Thursday, August 26th at 7:50 am EST for our first meeting (link on Syllabus page).

Happy start to your semester!