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Extra Credit

This art piece is named Against the Enamel of a Background Rhythmic with Beats and Angles, Tones, and Tints, Portrait of M. Félix Fénéon done by Paul Signac in 1890. To understand the meaning of this portrait we need to know who Félix Fénéon is. When Signac and the likes of him had started the movement neo-impressionism in French painting, Felix was the one that coined that term and defended the movement. 

Paul Signac using Felix in his painting was symbolic especially since it was neo-impressionism. I believe that was also the reason the painting caught my eye. Compared to other paintings I saw it was full of color and pattern. For example, the use of the kaleidoscopic pinwheel was unique because it had different patterns relating to algebra with the use of pointillism. Another detail I found interesting was how the flower Felix is holding resembles is goatee. This goes to show how intentional Signac was in incorporating Felix in his painting.  

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Hello everyone! My name is Lames Ali, and this is my first semester at Baruch College. I just came from BMCC with an associate degree in Psych and will continue that here. Most people won’t agree with me, but I enjoy learning and being in a setting where there is conversation flowing and at the end, I can talk about whatever topic we were discussing with confidence. I believe being in higher academic education is a privilege and takes massive dedication and discipline which I hope one day to achieve.

One of my favorite things to do is try out new cafes with my friends around the city which just increases my love for iced coffee. I also enjoy baking and cooking and trying out new recipes for my family to enjoy. Just the other day I made the In-In Out dutchman burger and when I tell you it was to die for! Something about you making something for someone and seeing their face light up because of you.

Another thing I enjoy doing that actually relates to this class is reading. My love for reading started out in Elementary school when I when I was learning English and when I was able to read a whole book by myself, I felt proud of myself. Enjoying reading grew more in middle school when my English teacher would make the whole class read for a whole hour any book they wanted, and we had our own library in class.

With this class being a literature class, I already know that the stories are going to be impactful and contain drama and history. So, I can’t wait to continue this class with you all.

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