Extra credit museum visit

This piece is called Percolator, by Stuart Davis. He is an early American modernist painter. He lived from 1892 to 1964. He took inspiration from Jazz and pop to make his art, and was one of the first artists to apply for the Federal Art Project. This piece, Percolator, sees a white background with many different shapes within it. There is a clear number 6 here, and also what looks like a gas tank to the left of it. What I believe to be a gas tank, along with many sleek lines and shapes, goes to show the ideals of the time. Factory working and efficiency, yet also something deeper in the hearts of the workers, which is what I see to the right of this gas tank, is an open room to enter. I found this piece while looking for modernist pieces in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it immediately struck my eye. It’s open, yet closed off. Efficient and fast, yet soft and inviting. It’s modernist aspects really come to life here.

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