Margaret and Her Poor Manners

Ah Margaret, the poor and oppressed daughter of Overreach who desires freedom and love. The perfect daughter who only wishes for good and justice and blah blah blah blah. Bah Margaret is an ungrateful girl who lusts after some idiot young noble that was foolish enough to lose standing and title. I mean look! Overreach worked long and hard making his fortune and provides everything for her! He gives her lovely gowns, brilliant jewelry, and even gives her the opportunity to marry a noble lord! How does she repay him? By marrying that little twat of a noble called Allworth and ruins him mentally. Some daughter she is.

Would she rather be toiling on a farm working her hands to the bone? Would she rather sell herself on the street to random men to make ends meet? Would she rather be sold off to slavery and work for some stranger? Frankly I think she has it quite good compared to other young women around her age. She lives in a nice house and has all manners of thingsĀ availableĀ to her. The least she could do was respect her father and marry Lovell! I mean she doesn’t have to worry about starving on the streets! Or having to endure rape and torture by bandits that roam the countryside. No need to care about clothing during those cold, bitter winter months. So Margaret isn’t this oppressed poor girl that she’s made out to be. No she’s just a spoiled little brat that couldn’t see what she had and decided to destroy her father. Some daughter she turned out to be!


(Just wanted to play the other side.)

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  1. Anyone want to compare her to Beatrice-Joanna? Peter’s indignation may be a bit much, but it brings that other heroine to mind.

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