Digital Story Draft

Composers Letter:

I didn’t find this third project to be difficult, I found it to be fun. I had written a research paper on the topic I chose, so I didn’t have to do much research. All I had to do was write my prompt and find pictures for the video. I didn’t use the video making platform that the professor suggested, I used the one I was comfortable with.

The topic for my third project was about marijuana and how it became criminalized. I mainly talk about Harry J Anslinger and the effects he had on the criminalization of marijuana and what the American people thought because of him. Unfortunately, he had such a huge influence on what the American people thought, that the president made marijuana illegal mainly because of him.

If ,y audience can take one thing away from my project, it would be that they learn the truth. I really don’t care if my audience believes what I tell them. I just want their false beliefs (if any) to be put into question.

The final version of my video isn’t complete yet, but here’s the link to the prompt.

Podcast Draft

Composer’s Letter:

For this project, I intended to show the injustice that has taken a toll on people of color. Only one song came to mind and it was “They Don’t Care About Us” by the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. I knew I wanted to use this song for this process because it was one that was criticized and slandered. Although, Jackson received so much hate for this song (unjustly so), this song portrays an amazing message. My process for composing this piece wasn’t as difficult as I thought it’d be. I spend the weekend (the weekend before the draft was due) thinking about what I was going to say and how I was going to structure it. I had already known the song pretty well, so I didn’t have to listen to the song too many times, but I did look up the lyrics. After reading the lyrics (without the music), I was able to tell that the tone MJ sings is a bit aggressive. MJ feels strongly about this and the way he sang it shows that. Not only did MJ connect issues around the world, he also linked himself to those issues. Which means he wasn’t above (or better) than the oppressed people. He is one of the oppressed people. One thing I want the audience to take away is the realization that not everyone in bliss. People have been and are being oppressed. They’re being killed for their beliefs, the community they’re from, and the gender pronouns they use. The audience may not have any of these issues, however, that doesn’t disqualify how others are being treated or how they feel. Just like my first project, I too feel strongly about this issue.  I believe equality should be vast and spread across all life on earth. Once we acknowledge that some of us are more privileged than others, only then will we be able to help the ones that aren’t so fortunate.


In the link below, instead of the podcast, the google doc is compromised of all the things I will say in the podcast. I just haven’t got around to recording it yet.

Photo Story Draft

For my first project, I focused on doing something that I believe should be universal. I believe equality should be vast and should spread  among all genders (whether you’re white, black, brown, yellow, or purple). For this project, I focused on why feminist are fighting. Why they are doing what they’re doing. Men have always had the upper hand against women and it’s time to stop.

In the google slides (link below), there are 10 images why feminist’s are fighting. All the images below represent the inequality against them. In all of the pictures (if not, then most) men are involved. Either they could’ve done something to stop it or not partaken in the activity. Now I’m not saying all men are like this, I’m saying not enough men are in the feminist community.

In the first image, we can see the gender wage gap. For every $1 a man earns, a woman earns .80 cents. I don’t know why a women would earn less than a man, but I know for a fact the women’s ability to produce inferior work compared to the mans shouldn’t be one of the reasons. Women can and have produced work that is far superior than men. Just look at the moon, we wouldn’t have gotten up there if it wasn’t for the help of females.

The second image represents public breastfeeding. I believe the reason why many people view this as a problem is because many people sexualize  a women feeding her baby. I don’t think that should be a problem, I don’t think women should be told over and over again that to feed their babies in private. If that was the case, whenever a baby and the mother are outside, the mother would have to find a bathroom or a private place to feed the baby. There’s nothing wrong with a baby feeding. There’s nothing sexual about that. Let the mother feed her child let’s call it a day. An argument that many men many people give that are against public breastfeeding is, “what would the children think?” Well, the kids will think that the baby is being fed. Kids don’t sexualize a baby being fed.

The third image represents catcalling. Just so every man is clear, catcalls aren’t compliments, nor should a women have to respond o you. They’re not entitled to you, nor should they have to do anything to make you feel good.

The fourth image represents domestic violence. There’s a bill in the Indiana Statehouse that would allow victims of domestic abuse to carry a firearm to protect themselves. The only requirement, the victim has to be at least 21 years old. I don’t think it should have come down to a person carrying a firearm. Now I understand that the second amendment allows us to carry a firearm, but I think there are so many more steps that can be taken place before we resort to carrying a gun. Nonetheless, women’s are far more likely to be victims of domestic violence, so this Indiana bill women’s to carry a firearm to protect themselves.

The fifth image represents human trafficking. The UN reports “children now account for 30% of those being trafficked and far more girls are detected than boys.” This is a serious issue and every kid is at risk. However, girls are more likely to be victims of human trafficking. This has been on the new a lot recently with Cynthia Brown killing her trafficker.

The sixth image represents stalking. According to Women’s Aid, “stalking is one of the most common types of abuse.” There are claims that say around every 1 out of 25 women aged between 16 – 59 are victims of stalking every year.

The seventh image represents rape. It’s not a surprise that men on average have more strength than womens, and it’s a shame that some men use it to rape the other sex. I can speak from experience, my girlfriend has been raped by her ex-boyfriend and it still haunts her 10 years later. She wakes up in the middle of the night from the nightmare she still gets. This is a serious issue, and no perosn should ever put down a rape victim.

The eighth picture represents selective sex abortion. This is a problem in Asia. Selective sex abortion is when the mother is pregnant with a girl, the husband (or the father of the soon-to-be-baby) will make the wife get an abortion because he doesn’t want a girl. There was a case in east Asia where a wife had to get an abortion about 4 times because she was pregnant with a girl. The husband made her get an abortion for the 5th time and she died. This is a serious risk that can affect the pregnant women and the soon-to-be-born baby.

The ninth image is saying that a womens position in life isn’t to stay home. She can go out and she pleases, and she can have whatever job she pleases. No, they don’t have to “stay home and look pretty.” This has been an issue for many years where people expect the women to stay home and do all the house work whereas the men supports the house.

The tenth image presents sexual harassment. Men in charge use their authority to do what they want and if the female employee wants to move up in their careers, they don’t speak up. Even if they do speak up,. many people will think of her as a “loud moth,” or any other excuse that comes to mind to belittle females.

This is a serious issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. All these images represent the inequality that’s bestowed on them by (mostly) men. People all over the world are being affected and not much has changed since the last couple of years. One thing has changed, people are fighting now and they wont take any of this anymore.

Hello class

My name is Talhah Mustafa and I am a 4th year student here at Baruch. I’m a philosophy major and I’ll be graduating this spring (May). If you had to know something interesting about me, I’d say that I ran for about 7 years and ran competitively for 4 of those years. I have won a couple of medals and I was named a CUNY All Star. I’ve taken a break from running for about 2 years now, however I’m trying to ease myself back into it. I have some unfulfilled promises to complete.

Here’s a meme that describes me

Philosophy major...has to find work in Ancient Greece

I believe this meme describes me because I know the job market in philosophy isn’t as lush as it use to be. I know finding a job in this field wont be easy, but I’m not worried (should I be?). I’m planning on going to graduate school during Fall 2019, so hopefully that’ll open some doors for me.