What Does it Mean to Serve Your Community?

Serving the community means leaving a footprint and impact in the community and expanding my horizons. Being aware that there are issues and actually seeing and acting upon the issues are different. As Baruch Scholars, we have a duty to uphold and promote the community’s welfare and ethics, as taught to us by the program and school. Volunteering is a way I advocate for the causes I wish to support. During my four years of high school, I volunteered at a program that fights against child abuse and provides for students from low-income households. This program provided for me when I was in elementary school, so I wanted to give back to the organization that I grew up with. Community service also goes to expanding our worldly knowledge. Service organizations are the best ways for students to get first-hand experience and explore their interests. For this semester, I plan on trying something new and volunteering at Xavier Mission, an organization that provides basic needs for New Yorkers in need, with my peers to give warm clothes before the coming winter. The Honors Program promotes a culture of service because it not only makes you an active member of your community, but service also helps develop your interpersonal skills and world affairs. Service opens your eyes to the problems going on in your community and encourages you to combat these underlying issues. Community service also gives you a sense of accomplishment and helps you understand the impact of giving.

Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

Hello! My name is Eun Bin Cho, and I am from Queens, New York.

In the corner of a narrow block, on the outskirts of a small college campus, is a highschool in its humble appearance. Freshmen enter this neighborly building with a heavy backpack and a nervous smile, intimidated by its reputation as one of the best high schools in the state. Townsend Harris High School is an exceptionally competitive school with a rigorous curriculum, and Harrisites are expected to survive the austerity of humanities. In an environment where you’d expect the rigor to isolate students in a state of competition, I found teamwork and life-long friendship to get through the four years together. Whenever I was struggling with a chemistry or statistics, my friends would hover over my binder during their frees and explain comprehensively. At the same time, I have also shared my time with my peers and contributed to the mutual growth that our school fostered. 

On our first day of high school, the freshmen class had to pledge to an oath, the Ephebic Oath, which includes, “I shall not leave my city any less but rather greater than I found it.” On our graduation day, we took this same oath as a reminder of our motto as we headed out into the world. The next steps after graduation led me to the Baruch Honors Program where I hope to continue to carry this pledge. I hope to get more involved with the Baruch community and participate in student organizations. I also hope to be able to balance my academics, my social life, and my work time, and create a healthy life-style to that of a college student. 


Latin Team at Yale University

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