k.chen22 on Sep 13th 2017

I went to VSA for their general interest meeting on Thursday a certain week in September. And VSA is acronym for the Vietnamese student association, and what they do is they use club funding to buy free food to lure people to go to their club. They had like Vietnamese sandwiches called bahn ni, if I remember correctly as well as spring rolls, all these baits for people to be hooked on. Jokes aside what they actually do is they talk about Vietnamese culture and food.

I recommend this club to people who wants free food and who are interested in Vietnam. While it does says Vietnamese student association, not many people in the club are actually Vietnamese I think, mostly just Asians. So to conclude it’d you want free food or are interested in Vietnam you should join this club.

And like this is a pic where the group took since I forgot to take a picture i’m using this one

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