Blog#1 Joining the e-sport club

j.huang42 on Sep 13th 2017

On September 7th, I decided to join a club in Baruch. So I went to the third floor to look for different clubs in Baruch, and I found out that there are a e-sport club in Baruch. The e-sport club is about online gaming and competition with other teams or school. Then, I found the room for the club, it is on the fourth floor room 180. When I entered the room, there were a lot of people and there is no seat for me, so I stood there the entire time.

People in the room are talking about gaming experiences, they were sharing their gaming skills or techniques for different games. As we were discussing, the club leader offered drinks and snack for us. The club meeting was very fun even though it was so crowed. The meeting was an good experience to me, because I met new friends there, and we were playing the same game, so we had a lot to talk/discuss. Overall, it was worth it to spend time on the meeting.

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