E-ship Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ramona Cedeno on migrating from the corporate world to the startup world

Some businesses are forever destined to remain small, especially if you as the entrepreneur are the business. Scaling was never a priority for Ramona Cedeno, founder of FiBrick Financial Services, who came to Baruch College recently as a guest speaker for the ‘Entrepreneurial Experiences‘ undergraduate class. A Baruch alum, Cedeno launched her business two years […]

Healthcare innovations: Baruch MBA Grad presents the Patient Identification Shield

While Baruch College MBA graduate Michael Gilvary regrets not majoring in entrepreneurship, he works for a company vested in creating disruptive technologies to enhance patient satisfaction in the healthcare field. In nursing school, students are taught to always verify a patient’s identity by checking their wristband. In the 2003 case of one 28-year-old female patient awaiting […]

EShip Spotlight: Dreamit Ventures

When France native Charlene Scavetta came to New York City to attend Baruch College a little over four years ago, she knew she wanted to study business, but wasn’t sure what specific area.   A frequent visitor to New York, Scavetta discovered Baruch College through French connections she had living in the city.  While initially […]

EShip Spotlight: MatchPuppy

When it came to searching for playmates for his young Maltese Louis, Michael Chiang found the effort was challenging and time-consuming.  So in October 2010,  Chiang created MatchPuppy, a social networking site designed to help passionate dog owners connect and arrange local play dates for their furry friends.  MatchPuppy’s beta site launched in February 2012 and […]

EShip Spotlight: Trace VFX

Trace VFX was founded in 2010 by Baruch MBA graduates Jon Mason, Varun Parange and Baruch alumni Matthew Herman.  The visual effects company was launched upon winning first place at the 2010 Baruch College Invitational Entrepreneurship Competition, which earned them $20,000 in seed money.  With offices in New York City and Mumbai, Trace VFX provides […]

Film Armada

Film Armada, an online theatron and film community, officially launched as the Streaming Partner of the 17th Annual Nantucket Film Festival on June 20, 2012.  The site, founded by Christina Villa and Alla Bronskaya, provides a platform for independent film producers to distribute their work and for indie film connoisseurs to gather and discover new […]


Bennu is the leader in green social media marketing. The company’s sustainability solutions increase enterprise value by aligning clients’ business objectives with consumer demand and environmental resources. Bennu reached profitability in 2010 and its clients range from FORTUNE 500 companies to green technology startups. Co-Founder & CEO, Ashok Kamal, coined the term “Green Gamification” to describe Bennu’s […]

Breuckelen Distilling

Breuckelen Distilling is the first gin distillery to be located in Brooklyn since prohibition.  Breuckelen’s products are all made from scratch, eschewing the traditional gin distillery practice of purchasing ready made alcohol.  Instead Breuckelen works with a New York farmer to source grains which are fermented and then distilled in it’s 19th Street space.

Abode New York

Abode New York is a lifestyle boutique store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn known for showcasing contemporary home furnishing created by local New York designers.  Co-founder Tony Wong’s interest and background in architecture provided him with the skills to cultivate Abode’s unique merchandise that suit ‘Urban’ New Yorkers’ home furnishing needs. Abode has been featured in several local […]