The Center for Teaching and Learning is hiring!

Instructional Technology Fellow: Vocat Coordinator Baruch College is hiring a college intern to help administer Vocat, a home­grown tool that facilitates feedback on multimedia projects. The coordinator will work 20 hours/week to assist faculty and staff members on implementation and support. Vocat ( allows faculty and students to upload video, audio, and photos directly into the web […]

Apply to the Summer 2016 Baruch Entrepreneurial Intern Fellowship!

Unpaid internships raise a dilemma: should you consent to work without compensation for the sake of gaining experience? Experts estimate that at least half a million Americans hold unpaid internships each year. But the rise of the “intern economy” in a weakened job market disadvantages those who can’t afford to work without pay. The Weissman Center for International […]

Internship: The Field Fellowship Program

The Field Fellowship Program at the Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship provides valuable professional development experience for students alongside a rigorous academic program at the Zicklin School of Business. Undergraduate and graduate students (Field Fellows) work alongside faculty and staff in various initiatives and projects such as our Maker Hub initiative, consulting through the […]

Internship: Baruch Entrepreneurial Intern Fellowship

Are you an undergraduate Baruch student interested in interning at a start-up, small entrepreneurial company or within an entrepreneurial division of a large company? Apply for the Fall 2012 Baruch Entrepreneurial Intern Fellowship! How does it work? 1. Find the internship – search for a start-up/small entrepreneurial company that is looking for an intern to […]