The Family Business Mastermind

The Family Business Mastermind™ is an “inner circle” of peers that face similar pressures, challenges, and concerns of being part of a successful family business. The Mastermind™ provides facilitated peer-to-peer learning and instruction on time-tested family business best management practices. As it speaks directly to the challenges of family enterprises and how the complexities of […]

Senior Entrepreneurship initiative at the Field Center

Author: Gil Gilead, Field Fellow, Field Center   When Professor Edward Rogoff and Professor Stuart Schulman first approached me with the idea of creating an online resource webpage for senior entrepreneurs, my first thought was to explore the competitive advantages that differentiate this demographic group from others. Senior entrepreneurs have strengths that young entrepreneurs don’t […]

3D Printing is not as easy as I thought!

Over the summer of 2013, I received the news that I was going to be involved in learning about 3D printing and its different types of technologies to prepare myself for becoming a Teacher’s Assistant for the 3D printing classes held at Baruch College. I really didn’t know much about 3D printed images and models outside […]

Some Things to Consider When Looking for Financing for Your Social Enterprise

If you’re a social entrepreneur – someone who is thinking and acting like a business entrepreneur as you pursue a social and/or environmental mission – you’ve probably found yourself spending a lot of time worrying about where you’re going to get the money to start, sustain and grow your social enterprise. This is understandable, but […]

Video: Alon Hillel-Tuch, co-founder of RocketHub

Alon Hillel-Tuch, co-founder of RocketHub, one of the top crowdfunding platforms, stopped by the Field Center for Entrepreneurship in November to talk to students about best practices in crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding has increased in popularity as a way for entrepreneurs and artists to raise money.  For Alon’s full presentation, watch the video below.  

Procuring Government Contracts

By Shiau-Larn (Shalom) Hoang Business Advisor, Baruch Small Business Development Center During economic down times, lots of small businesses and entrepreneurs turn to look for government contracting opportunities when work from the private sector becomes scarce. It is true that the US government is the single largest buyer in the world for goods and services, spending […]

How to Price a New Product or Service

By Alek Marfisi Many times small businesses face a big challenge when it comes time to deciding what price they should charge for their product or service.  The reasoning behind this is that there is just no clear cut solution.  Pricing ultimately comes down to a qualitative rationalization between a multitude of considerations and truthfully, […]

Equity Investments for Small Businesses: A Primer

By Kshitij J. Zaveri   Mention the words “Equity Investors” to any entrepreneur and they will start shifting uncomfortably in their seats. After all, equity investors are perceived as predators that will give you the money, no doubt, but will end up taking over the business and showing you the door at some point in […]

Spend Money on Marketing

By Alek Marfisi To preface this entire discussion, let’s absorb the following logical facts: Spending money on marketing increases sales. (The inverse) Not spending money on marketing results in fewer sales than if a business was to spend money on marketing. Here at the Field Center, we are in the business of reviewing business plans, […]

SIBL: A Powerful Library Resource for Entrepreneurs

By Jesse Karasin Are you are trying to start a new business or are already up and running? If so the Science, Industry, and Business Library (SIBL) in New York has something for you. The library holds weekly programs, annual startup events and has tons of resources to help you take your business venture to […]