Mitzi Perdue: How a Dying Man Redefined My Idea of Failure

At a recent conference hosted by the Field Center, entrepreneur and businesswoman Mitzi Perdue recounted how one of her employees longed to write a book called ‘Life: The Owner’s Manual.’ With an IQ of over 200, he had spent 40 years doing research for the book. One day, he was diagnosed with terminal heart disease. […]

The top 5 coolest gadgets from CEWeek 2017

The MakerHub took a field trip to CEWeek 2017, an annual consumer electronics trade show featuring the latest technologies and gadgets, some of which haven’t even hit the market yet. We had the chance to try out the latest VR headsets and play games using augmented reality, experiment with digital polaroid cameras, and more. Here’s […]

Entrepreneurs visit the Field Center: Yin Lin, co-founder of SheWorx

Yin Lin is a marathon runner and entrepreneur who runs a global collective of female entrepreneurs with a presence in seven countries. SheWorx helps to change the often hostile and competitive investor-entrepreneur relationship by hosting conferences with a friendly, roundtable environment where investors and entrepreneurs can freely interact, rather than the typical setup of investors on one side, […]

Women’s Entrepreneurship Week 2016: How we can fix the gender gap in entrepreneurship

They’ve made remarkable strides in recent years, but women entrepreneurs still confront gender-related setbacks. Why so? In search of answers, we hosted a panel in honor of Women’s Entrepreneurship Week called ‘Start-Ups and Downs: A Conversation on Being a Woman Entrepreneur‘ featuring three entrepreneurial panelists, and asked them the tough questions.   Getting real about […]

Uncharted Play: Meet the social enterprise that creates electricity from a soccer ball

Our MakerHub team took a recent field trip to CEWeek 2016, a congregation of industry tech leaders showcasing the latest high-tech products – often before they launched – to media and industry professionals. The marketing team at Harlem-based startup Uncharted Play spends an inordinate amount of time kicking soccer balls around and jumping rope. The staff […]

Healthcare innovations: Baruch MBA Grad presents the Patient Identification Shield

While Baruch College MBA graduate Michael Gilvary regrets not majoring in entrepreneurship, he works for a company vested in creating disruptive technologies to enhance patient satisfaction in the healthcare field. In nursing school, students are taught to always verify a patient’s identity by checking their wristband. In the 2003 case of one 28-year-old female patient awaiting […]

CrowdCases Featured on MSNBC and American Express Open Forum

Dwight Peters, Baruch undergrad and winner of the SmartPitch 2013 Challenge pitches his startup on MSNBC: CrowdCases is a tech accessories brand with a social mission and is powered by a growing community of graphic designers   View the original video here, on American Express Open Forum’s website    

VLOG: Family Business

What makes being a part of a family business unique? What are the challenges that these members have to confront in order to preserve and grow their businesses as well as their familial relationships? Students from the Zicklin School of Business fill you in on their real-life experiences and the Family Business Programs they’ve attended […]

VLOG: 3 Students in 3 Minutes: Successful Pursuits of Social Entrepreneurship

How Baruch changed their lives and careers, and in turn, the lives of others around the world. This is a wonderful testament to what Baruch College and the Zicklin School of Business has to offer. Producer: Marisa Bramwell, MBA 2012

Video: Alon Hillel-Tuch, co-founder of RocketHub

Alon Hillel-Tuch, co-founder of RocketHub, one of the top crowdfunding platforms, stopped by the Field Center for Entrepreneurship in November to talk to students about best practices in crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding has increased in popularity as a way for entrepreneurs and artists to raise money.  For Alon’s full presentation, watch the video below.