Here are 5 cool Kickstarter pitches to inspire your business idea

  Casting around for a business idea or already fine-tuning your investor pitch? We looked to Kickstarter for inspiration, where hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in the art, technology, music, publishing and film industries vie for crowdfunding. Each user’s profile page serves as their pitch, except that instead of presenting to investors, they must capture […]

Business Tips for Venturing Abroad

Author: Rizwann Younas, Field Fellow, Field Center   As the world has become more connected, and the opportunities to conduct business abroad have become greater, more entrepreneurs are taking their skills and ideas to new and exciting places. Undoubtedly, the ease of setting up shop abroad has become easier.  However, this should not be confused […]

Does An Entrepreneur Have a Right to Compete With a Former Employer?

Entrepreneurs who contemplate starting a business in their current field of expertise often ask about the extent to which they can use knowledge, skills, client lists, and actual written materials from their current and previous positions. The basic answer is that employees owe their employers a duty of loyalty while still employed. Once that employment […]

What the Government Shutdown Means to Small Businesses

Anyone with a pulse and access to the internet, TV, radio, or newspaper knows that the government is currently shut down due to the fact that the House of Representatives cannot agree to pass a budget to allocate the funding that we pay from our taxes for the services that we desperately need.  This is […]