Baruch’s “maker culture” shines at Creative Inquiry Day 2016

Incorporating a MakerHub category for the first time this year, Creative Inquiry Day was a haven for both high-tech and low-tech multimedia projects by Baruch makers in the form of thought-provoking artwork, design and use of technology. Social media users are rarely honest about how many outtakes they scrapped before posting that perfect selfie, or how […]

CUNY Makerspaces Directory for SmartPitch 2016

Joining SmartPitch 2016? Compete in the Maker Hub Track for a $5000 prize! You will be required to design and prototype your product using 3D printers, Arduino, and other technology! See our CUNY Makerspaces guide below to see what makerspace technology, resources, media and clubs and  are available to you as a SmartPitch participant at […]