Two disruptive catalysts small business doesn’t see coming: Director of the Lawrence N. Field Programs Scott Newbert featured in Fox Business

By Lee Howard Originally published on Fox Business If you’re a small business, you should know there are clever people in not so faraway places working against you, day and night. And if they have their way, they will upend your business and your life, entirely. Just the thought of it, makes them cackle with glee.  OK, […]

Entrepreneurs visit the Field Center: Yin Lin, co-founder of SheWorx

Yin Lin is a marathon runner and entrepreneur who runs a global collective of female entrepreneurs with a presence in seven countries. SheWorx helps to change the often hostile and competitive investor-entrepreneur relationship by hosting conferences with a friendly, roundtable environment where investors and entrepreneurs can freely interact, rather than the typical setup of investors on one side, […]

Small Business Management: What would you do?

In an article from the New York Times, a management issue facing a Queens County McDonald’s franchise is detailed.  Situated in Flushing, the McDonald’s on Parsons and Northern Boulevards has been frequented by a group of elderly Korean men and women spending long hours in the establishment.   Sarah Maslin Nir and Jiah Ham report: “The […]

Navigating through the Complicated Procurement Process

Last time we spoke about what kind of goods and services the government procures from small businesses and how to find out government procurement requests (Click here). This time we will talk about how to actually register your business with government agencies so you can be on their registered vendor list and be ready to […]

Elisa’s Social Media Best Practice Tips

  Many people wonder, in this age of social media, if there best practices for the utilization of this relatively new marketing tool.  I am constantly asked how to use social media to inspire followers and encourage audience engagement.  I have my own set of rules I abide by and would like to now share […]

Does An Entrepreneur Have a Right to Compete With a Former Employer?

Entrepreneurs who contemplate starting a business in their current field of expertise often ask about the extent to which they can use knowledge, skills, client lists, and actual written materials from their current and previous positions. The basic answer is that employees owe their employers a duty of loyalty while still employed. Once that employment […]