Welcome to class!

Hello team!

I am very excited to get to know you over the next 5 weeks. I hope this class will be worthwhile, and also a little fun. Summer in New York is a great time to get out and see art, people vacate for the summer so it can be a little empty.

This class is a hybrid class, it technically meets M/T/Th, there are 2 Mondays we are meeting in person, the rest are all Hybrid days.

Each week for the class we don’t meet face to face you have an assignment, all require you to go see art in some part of the city. The type of institution is specific (gallery, museum, public art etc), but I am not assigning specific locations, so you can customize each week to fit your needs and interests.

The write-ups for you hybrid class will be posted here, for everyone to see and comment. I hope you use this Blog as a place to get to know each other better , learn from each other, and learn about cool art opportunities.

This course will not have a formal midterm or final, but instead a group project (ideally in pairs) that will be multi part, and is explained on your syllabus (which is uploaded here and the Bb page)

Looking forward to a great July-Aug,

Rebecca Pollack

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