Library Tour Workshop

The library tour familiarized me with the various uses and facilities in the library such as how to borrow books, the laptop rental area, the photocopy room, etc.

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School Play : Doll House

I, like many others, went to see this play with my English class. This was the first time were I saw a play in which the actors were reading straight from the script. It was a little distracting for me but I still enjoyed the performance.

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School Play : Einstein’s Dreams

I went to see this play after heavy encouragement from my theatre professor/ director of the play, Dr. Rhinehart. I found the play a joy to watch and it was acted very well.

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Club Fair

It was held in the gymnasium and everyone seemed to have gone. It was packed and it was loud. It really gave me a perspective of how many clubs there are available at Baruch.

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Student Services Workshop

This was a very informative workshop. Every table in the room had a different program and corresponding representative to inform the students. It was very crowded though and hard to move around the room. The workshop would benefit by taking place in a bigger room.

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Freshman Reception

Another informative workshop. Prior to this workshop, I hadn’t really given much thought as to what classes I wanted to take. I learned that I have to be extra careful when picking classes for future semesters.

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The freshman internship and goalsetting

I took this course and learned about all the opportunities they offered. As a man who has dreams of becoming a propane and propane accessories salesman, I found it asinine that the teacher did not offer internships at such places, but I digress. The event was very helpful and I loved it, I plan to go to STARR career development center soon, hopefully I will find something for law

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Academic enrichment

this is a very useful workshop. I always have a hard time when I am doing my research paper. It takes me so much time to search online just for a single source. I typed in the key word in the search bar, but just can’t find what I want.

I like the teacher right there, he showed us step by step. From this workshop I knew that, use key word is not the only way to search on Google.  By using the quotation marks and use “&” and “or” also will help us find out the information that we want. At the same time, it will filter out much not useful information and help us find out the right resource much more quickly.

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Personal enrichment workshop

This is the first great lesson, which I have learned in Baruch College. Workshop was mainly about the big step into college- building relationship and how we manage our personal life in this new environment. There are several categories of relationships that we need to build up. The relationship to a person is a really effective tool, and it may help them solve some biggest problems that appear in the future. Social relationship helps someone find a job quickly. I remember the advisor said, the almost 50% of the job opportunities are given by relationship. If someone don’t have an expanded social network, then he will get a hart time in finding there job after graduated. Family relationship is also an important part for us. It affects our daily life. Everyone should be responsible to their family. When I moved out of my family and live in an apartment independently, I realized there were many wonderful time that I never noticed when I was with my family. Sometime, it makes me miss them so much because they give me so much happiness. I think building up relationship is kind of giving and gaining. Right now it is time when I need to give something back to them-my friends. And I always welcome someone ought to help me and take care of me.

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The Club Fair

In this workshop, I took part in the club fair held at the school. In the fair, I learned about all the different clubs and was very excited. My only complaint is that I did not know who should sign my book, so I did not get that done yet. Otherwise the club was fun, albeit a little crowded.

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