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Freshman reception

An extremely crowded event. Its understandable though because the class is huge. I remeber a lot of waiting and it felt like things just took forever to get done. Like a regular work day lol 9-5. But i guess some things just have to be tolerated.

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CLub Fair

The club fair that i attended was actually very helpful to my exposure to the possibilities in Baruch. I had a lot of fun look through the clubs and just meeting people. Overall an easy going activity with a lot to offer. i enjoyed it a lot.

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Community Global Awareness

I really do enjoy watching movies as a past time. So when I discovered I could watch a film and also fulfill one of my requirements I was excited to do so. The movie was called “My Beautiful Launderrete” and it is known for causing some controversy in the past. Unfortunetly we were unable to watch the film but it definetly sounds like something I might want to watch on my own. I guess my only recommendation for Baruch is to make sure that their equipment is working next time.

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Arts at baruch:A Doll’s house reading

It was interesting to actually have experienced actors read the play “A Doll’s House”. I remembered when I read it in high school and thought that it was really good by just reading it on my own. However, having people add in the emotions and make the words come life was even better. This play is a great example of women taking a stand and going agaisnt the norm. It shows that wives are not lesser than the husbands under any circumstances. Overall, I really enjoyed this workshop.

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Career planning- Basic Interviewing

This workshop was very informative to me. I have had a decent amount of previous jobs and they accented enough the importance of creating a resume to keep my employment info organized and in one spot. Having a resume actually makes it easier to apply for jobs sinse you dont have to rewrite the same info over and over and over again but instead you look more professional having a resume. An interesting aspect was that they offered us a chance for a mock interview and would send us a tape of ourselves and tips on how to perform better. So overall, i cant say i was excited and souped about attending but it was very useful. It was a must-go workshop.

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Dolls House Reading

The reading was an intersting experience, although i was not surprised sinse i read the book before and had a clear understanding of what was going on. i had a good time thought one of the decent workshops that i attended, not the most interesting but i was not complaining.

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5. student life

welcome week events hosted by USG and WBMB radio

Today, i went to the events which is hosted by USG-student government.  I had a really relax time over there because they kindly treat us-freshman.They also serve pizza and soda on the table. I was happy that i can participate in the discussion of student government. they told me how important to get involve into the club at baruch and how proud to be a part of baruch. As a freshman, everything for me is unfamiliar, but they let me know how school bodies work together and how they bring students a more enjoyable college lives. We also talk about some problems which our school have right now. Addionaly, there are also very good speaker with passion. They encourage me to get involve into student life at baruch and let me feel confidence to be a student in baruch. so far, it was the most enjoyable workshop which i have taken and the best experience in baruch.

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6.Personal Enrichment Workshop

Managing Relationship in the College.

10/08 12:45-2:00 VC1-107

This is the first great lesson, which I have learned in Baruch College. Workshop was mainly about the big step into college- building relationship and how we manage our personal life in this new environment. There are several categories of relationships that we need to build up. The relationship to a person is a really effective tool, and it may help them solve some biggest problems that appear in the future. Social relationship helps someone find a job quickly. I remember the advisor said, the almost 50% of the job opportunities are given by relationship. If someone don’t have an expanded social network, then he will get a hart time in finding there job after graduated. Family relationship is also an important part for us. It affects our daily life. Everyone should be responsible to their family. When I moved out of my family and live in an apartment independently, I realized there were many wonderful time that I never noticed when I was with my family. Sometime, it makes me miss them so much because they give me so much happiness. I think building up relationship is kind of giving and gaining. Right now it is time when I need to give something back to them-my friends. And I always welcome someone ought to help me and take care of me.

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4.Art at Baruch

Mishkin Gallary

11/03 13:00    Mishkin

I went to Mishkin gallery today. I love art and painting is my favorite thing to do. But sadness is I don’t have so many talents on it. So, I give up the ideas to attend in an art school. To be artist I have a long way to go. Just making my life a little bit easier, I find out accounting may be a right major for me. But it doesn’t mean I give up the art. I still love it. After this work shop, I realize the art is changing all the time. To Mishkin, the art is changed by her mind. To the modern art, it is changed by the most effective artist. Mishkin painted real thing in an abstract form that lead us to a more mindful world. I think art is magic. It can bring me into several atmospheres by present things in different color and shapes. I use it represent my mind and it keeps secret language between only me and my art.

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3. Career Exploration

Internship and goal setting

10/11 12:20-01:30 VC1-107

Today I went to the career exploration work shop. This work shop is hosted by the starr department. This workshop also is really helpful for me. It gives me a lot of information about the internship in a company. It is really good pre-lesson, especially for freshman. As the first year in the college, we don’t know anything and even don’t know how important the internship is for our future. If we get a chance to work in company during internship, then we will have greater opportunity to get in a big company and work right there. It is a great chance to gain experiences and be familiar of the processes of working in a company.  There are 4 biggest firms that looking forward our application. Each year, numerous students try to apply them, but only few of them have ability to get involved. It is competitive. It is not a really job position, for us it treat as one. I hope I will get a chance to get in a company and do my internship in junior year.

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