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Gallery Tour

The  Gallery Tour of Mercedes Matter’s art was interesting.  I love art and I do like going to art galleries, so I enjoyed it.  When I went on a college visit to FIU, their gallery really impressed me, so it’s nice to see that Baruch has a nice gallery as well.

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Resume Writing

Resume writing is a really important topic for all college students because most likely every Baruch student will have to write a resume at one point or another.  When  my boyfriend was writing his resume and cover letters, I was able to give him good tips from what I learned.  For my resume, I went online to learn how to write it, but this workshop is better than going online.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have trouble writing resumes, so I recommend that they go to the STARR Career Development center and ask for help if they missed this workshop.

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Managing Relationships

Since I am not looking for help with managing relationships,  this workshop was not worth attending.  I was not interested in meeting new people and  most of what was talked about is common sense.  I know that students need to balance their school, work, and social lives, but I personally am able to manage my life without any help from a workshop.  In high school, we had speakers come to class and talk about the same things to help us with transitioning into college, so I’ve heard it all before.  So far, college has been a lot better than high school, hopefully it wont be too bad these next couple of years.

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Obama and Sotomayor

I am glad I attended the Obama and Sotomayor discussion.  Even though I had to sit on the floor because it was so crowded, it was worth it.  The professors who spoke seemed very smart and I thought they were all interesting.  They did a good job of answering questions as well.  I got to see Prof. Fernandez speak outside of the classroom, and I was proud of her!  I love Obama, so I really enjoyed lsitening to what the professors had to say about him and race in general.  Because Baruch is such a diverse school, race is an important topic to discuss.  I especially liked the personal stories that were told by the professors, because a lot of people can relate to them and benefit from discussing these issues.  A lot of people left early because the question and answer session was taking too long, but I stayed until the end and was able to meet the professors.  Hopefully I will be able to take some of their classes next year.

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Managing Relations

Boring Workshop. taught us how to manage out lives, money, school work, during our college career. Almost feel asleep a couple of times, but very helpful in the end.

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Club Fair

What a crazy workshop. I didnt even know it was a workshop until one of my freidns told me we can get a signature for attending. Every group at Baruch had a table set up in one the gyms, i signed up for a couple groups. It was so crowded at one point i remember not being able to walk, the lady who signed my book, was very nice i was talking to her aout the hip-hop group. Fun day.

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Gallery Tour

This was one of my first ones, so i ended up staying the entire time, because i felt bad leaving early. It was fun, we looked at a lot. Probably one of my favorite workshops i attended.

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Diversity Workshop

Talk about Diverse. They were all kinds of people there. Not very crowded, but i remember not understanding one person speaking at all. It wasnt that long, i just got the book my signed and left.

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Freshman Reception

Wow, what a crazy workshop. I remember almost every freshman attended this one. The moderators were going crazy, they didnt know where to put all of us. They kept us in a classroom for about 20 min, two professors came in, started signing out books and we all left. Crazy Workshop.

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Community-Global awareness Obama Awareness

This was a decent workshop. We learned how to use our everyday materials to make the word a better place. It wasn’t a long one, they gave us the signatures half way through and we left kinda early. It was overcrowded so it wasn’t that quiet. Overall an easy workshop.

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